What makes your life worth living?

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  1. Often in the context of habit formed addiction I hear people refer to other people as, "worthless pieces of shit" particularly because they don't amount to anything. With that being said, could you explain to me what gives your life worth? Getting a career to work up the social ladder, all for what? Materialistic desires? Why then would you judge someone for their desire to not be so materially motivated? Ultimately we are all driven by happiness, so why should you then judge someone for their alternate path of happiness?

    Alternatively, one could say they wish to have a higher paying job to better support a larger family/give better opportunities to their children. I feel that is the only acceptable motivation for adhering to the social norm. A mostly selfless one. (I see 'better opportunities' meaning more chances for your child to experience a wider variety of things and opening their mind further/easier than someone of lesser opportunity. Money most definitely opens doors, and the only doors of worth I am referring to are the "doors" of knowledge and experience.)

    I feel people have lost sight of what is important and materialism is spreading like a disease. I can only hope with age will come this realization of happiness for oneself and those they hold dearest to them. (Being that I am young, I am more often than not surrounded by people more materially motivated, so perhaps this is a biased point of view.)

    I guess that's what gives worth to my life, either climbing the social ladder to better support my family or live with those I love in solitude. How about you?
  2. Having a career that has nothing to do with climbing a social ladder....That is it.
  3. What makes my life worth living:
    Good Music
    Good Friends
    Beautiful mornings.
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    Sorry, COMPLETELY misread that.
  5. I have come to believe now, that since things have picked up for me since high school (which sucked), that now I am really free to attain any level of happiness I want, and I personally find for me that making others happy, seeing them smile and laugh and dance(I'm a dj) makes everything leading up to that worth it. I want to be contagious, with happiness
  6. It has always been this way, and will always be that way. In nature, animals (specifically mammals) basically only have two responsibilities. Fend for yourself, and your offspring. That is really all that matters. But people will never be satisfied with what they have. We will always have expectations of how we want things to be, driven by thousands of years of people before us striving for "more", and a want to be apart of a whole.

    My family makes my life worth living (specifically my girlfriend and son, but not excluding the rest), among a couple other things.

  7. lol...I saw your first post about it...I was thinking wtf...lol

    also I should add that that is just one aspect that makes life worth living....my list would be too long to name them all...but MUSIC is on top...so is family....the occasional bowl of weed, music fests, and friends...and a good glass of red wine...
  8. I thought you originally said that a career does not dictate where you are on the social ladder, to which I was also thinking "wtf" xD
  9. I just enjoy the fact that I can wake up every morning and appreciate life. Sure, everything around me may be hectic, but when you take the time to just sit down and look at the little things in life, it really makes it worthwhile.

    I also enjoy being able to medicate whenever I like. :smoke:
  10. I think like this too. I feel as though I think a bit differently than most people and that gives me a certain kind of peace and happiness. I can just walk into the woods and look up at the sky on a beautiful day and just sit and watch animals and stuff and that fills me with appreciation for life and happiness. Just kind of an odd thing I do (although I don't think it should be considered odd) that I don't tell a lot of people I do lol. Music and the good people in my life help me a lot as well.

    Materialistic possessions and careers are great but they in no way define you as a person or how good of a life you have. It's all about the mind :D
  11. My art and my family.
    I have a really far-fetched dream of someday opening my own animation studio but I wake up everyday and work on my graphic novels. :) That's what keeps me going when I'm down.
  12. What makes my life worth while? I can stick my penis into vagina.
  13. First thing to mind is my mom. I owe everything to her. I'm lucky I have such a great mom, she'd do anything for me, and through thick and thin all she wants is for me to be happy. That alone makes me push hard in life just to make her proud.

    And life is awesome. This is coming from someone who has gone through severe depression and A LOT of fucked up shit. Through all my life experiences it has made me the character I am today, and for all we know this life is all we have, so go crazy and live it up. At the end of this life the only thing that matters is how we enjoyed it.

    Basically what makes this life so worth living? The pursuit of happiness brother.
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    Transcendence. Experiencing the "bad" and transcending it to "good". Life is all about happiness. This is a broad explanation, but I feel like I'd write forever if I tried.. maybe not? I'll give it a shot:

    I've always loved my parents for what they've done/do for me, but we've never connected on a real personal level.. My girlfriend is a great light to wake up too. I enjoy travelling through my imagination to see what comes out the other side. Nature and it's complexity always amazes me, and makes me realise how wonderful it all is. Knowledge is another thing I hold dear to me, and like Tesseland said, I hope to one day encorporate a career that can hold all my enjoyments in one way or another, and not consist of a social/corporate ladder
  15. But I think my question is more specifically what makes you happy, at least to the extent that it makes your life worth living. I'm trying to look at it on a larger scale than say, "music makes me happy." But perhaps I shouldn't be looking at it as different degrees of happiness? And my point about raising children delves more in to fulfillment/accomplishment than it does happiness, although can they be synonymous.

    edit: I'm glad to see you added more :)
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    I think happiness is about being content with the current moment. You can categorise it by degrees because certain things will bring "more" happiness (like love). At the end of the day, it's about the "struggle" for contentment.

    Struggle's probably a bad term, but it's all I could think of... maybe it starts out a struggle once your an adult, but gets easier with the right path?
  17. I give my life worth. I decide what's important and what is not.

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