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What makes you..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IV XX, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. What makes you turn bud down when going to your dealer? Moisture? Color? Feel? etc.
  2. I usually never turn down bud. Most of my dealers are reliable/good friends.
  3. Mold and if that shits brown
  4. when I'm overall just not pleased with the quality (which luckily I can honestly say doesn't happen that often) and even then I don't really turn it down...I just buy less then what I normally would so I still have some on a rainy day and I'm still helping my connect out.
  5. If suddenllyy I change my mind and decide I want to smoke some lsd instead
  6. ive never turned down bud, but ive never had a reason to either.

    well except when i was a youngin and i didnt want too smoke anything.
  7. So I called my friend i had never bought from before. I told him I need an eighth, and whenever I met him to pick it up, he tried to convince me that 1 g was an eighth. Little did he know I carry a scale around new dealers.
  8. If they sell me a bunch of nicks. Like say 6 nicks for a quarter. I never take that shit, one bag man.

    But other than that, I've never not really been satisfied. Always had good connects.
  9. Moisture, I don't really give a fuck as long as it's not so wet that I'll feel like I'm drowning when I hit it. Color wise, if it's brown, right away I don't want it, if it's a really dark green color I'm wary, and if it's purple I don't even factor in color. Mint green is the shade of bud I aim for. Touch? Well I would hope you don't just go over to your dealer's place and start grabbing his bud and shit like that. I try to touch the bud as little as possible.

    If there's no crystals, I might buy it but only if it's cheap.

    I also feel like all mids in my area smells the same, fairly unimpressive, so I'll usually give it a whiff.

    And, what some guy said above me; fuck multiple bags, that's just extra plastic between me and my bud.
  10. Wait 'til some of you get med cards. You'll be turning down bud you would have died to smoke in your black market dealing days.
  11. It is rare I have to do that. I mena I score form ppl I know very well so I normally will not get a call on some whack bullshit bud. I would worry if I had to qulity control everytime I picked up. Sounds like work, but I would turn some shitty looking buds down if need be. If it was odd or soemthing. JOE>
  12. My dealers one of my best mates, always smoke up with him. So what ever it is (usually good shit) we smoke up :smoke:
  13. the only time i have been ripped off was when i bought a 30 sack from my normal dealer without realizing it was actually the same size as a normal 0.8 that i would get. never would buy 30 sacks again. it's common for people to do that. the only time i have actually turned down bud was when someone tried to sell my friend and i a 0.6 full of shake. he even acted surprised when we didn't take it, being 100% convinced that it was "a good purchase"

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