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what makes you mad about smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SwiftWaterz, May 9, 2011.

  1. i hate when people slobber all over w/e we are smoking out of, its like you go to hit it and its all nasty and you feel uncomfortble and you dont wanna hit it as hard as you could lol

    sadly, theres plenty more to say on this subject- what do you hate?
  2. Smoking with other people and not having enough weed to get high, puff puff pass doesn't work with a lot of people and limited weed.
  3. Moochers, I cannot stand people who never pitch or have weed.
  4. people who always try to get extra hits for doing stunts like some guy hits my j like twice then he burns it on his forehead n goes "oh yeah you see that i should get another hit" :mad:
  5. That its illegal and not understood. Also it cost way to much it should be farmed like wheat and sold by the ton. And people who sell bags that hustle noob smokers to hard for there own profit. And dealers who blatantly lie about there weight and expect you not to check when your throwing down you hard earned cash.
  6. when my friends turn into earl sweatshirt and like you said slobber all over the fucking place(they know i have to put my mouth there too and its not that hard not to deep throat the pipe or bong, or ruin the j/blunt for everyone)
    btw free earl! i need him and his fatty lips making mad rhymes again before i forget what real rap sounds like
  7. Even better, People who break my bongs/pieces/bowls/downstems/makeshifts. I hate them with a passion.
  8. I hate people that have an addictive attitude! there is no reason to not live out every high for a bit, I mean there is no reason to say your not high after 10 min of smoking! Your high just like I am, so be happy and enjoy it! :)
  9. Hippies.

    Like a light to flys.
  10. People who always to FATTY rips... Like when they don't even have weed a lot.
  11. That excellent avatar got ever better, props to you op.
  12. Right now for me the most besides all the ones I liked above me is MOOCHERS!
  13. When people camp the bowl everytime
  14. your sig?

    i hate taking a big hit and coughing even a lil, and wathing the smoke get away and just looking at it like DAMN YOU! get back in my lungs!
    i also hate taking hits in general.
  15. Butt suckers! Hate that feeling of a wet disgusting joint/roach as it gets passed around the circle.

    I'm friendly with my bud and sharing and all, but when a new guy comes into my smoking circle and trys to take/steals left over bud that they didn't pay for gets me fired up!
  16. i HATE moochers sooooooo much that its forced me to smoke alone 90% of the time unless its with my gf or something. you have no idea how irritating it is to have the 2nd question of every conversation to be, "hey can you burn some with me?". (usually the 1st question is, "hi, how are you?"..) like its not obvious that u just called to smoke...

    what i hate more is how someone will NEVER ask you to smoke with them but then when you offer ONE time they hit you up about smoking with them EVERYTIME there after.

    wats more shitty than that is when you DO smoke someone out and they wanna talk shit about your piece or bud or rolling skills, etc.

    another thing that irritates me is moochers who cant even throw down on some papers or something...i mean seriously...u dont have a buck?

    i once had someone beg me for 5mins once to have just one hit off a that was going to do anything for him anyway. and no i didnt give him the 1 hit..i was sharing 1 j between 4 heads already haha. had just enough to go around for a decent buzz that lasted only like an hour.

    other than that i hate rolling...i use to like it when i was younger and a n00b to smoking but now im like, "yeah yeah, lets get on with it"...feel like it takes too long from start to high.
  17. I hate when ppl wet the joint/blunt...were im from moochers are almost non existent, ppl have balls enough to ask for money or tell them to gtfoh!

    I hate when someone is storytelling while the joint/blunt is lit...puff & pass!!
  18. i cant stand when someone gets the blunt/joint/piece hella wet by the mouth like i dont need your saliva man you smoke with your lips not your fucking saliva
  19. Also, the fact that weed is $20 a g (dank) where I am. I don't care who you are that's NOT cheap especially in comparison with prices from other areas..
  20. "the Gps" or "the navigator"- is the guy who always wants to navigate us through our high- lets smoke here, listen to this, watch this, do this, about everything and if we refuse he gets mad. so thats what we called him.

    people who make it obvious your high while with you. and then everyone else assumes your high by association (example- parents etc..)


    they guy who broke my down stem right before a bong session.

    passing me a cashed bowl in any device.. you started the campfire in the bowl im sure you noticed that you smoked it to withering ashes asshole. making me look like an asshole who has to ask to pack another bowl.

    people who are clumsy when they get high.. dude if your nearly going to break my double perc bong because your coughing like a bitch, please do not act like the man and milk it, everyone knows there bong limit lol

    i got more but yea those are the first that popped in my mind

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