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What makes you green out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenbrad420, May 6, 2011.

  1. drinking mountain dew on magic stuff
  2. Bong rips with nothing to drink
  3. smoking alot..
  4. No. Like whats the reason for why you green out.

    I actually just ate a edible, and 3 minutes later my face started getting really hot and I felt like I was suffocating. I was having a panic attack, then I went a threw up for about 20 minutes.

  5. the edible was too strong and irritated your stomach to the point that it decided it would evacuate its contents.
    but it shouldnt have happened that quickly.
    maybe you were nervous about it?
  6. Never heard the term "green out" before. And never had a panic attack before.

    Next time don't bake PCP in the edible? :p
  7. too much edibles
  8. Ive read that Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, is the main cause for "greening out". I dont have a source on hand but if you do a little searching Im sure you can find a couple.
  9. i have never "greened out" before... i didn't even realize something like cannabis induced vomiting was possible...

    i think the only time i actually puked while smoking was when i was already wasted from drinking and then someone rolled a joint mixed with tobacco. and it was more the tobacco and alcohol than the cannabis.
  10. Its only happened to me a couple times, but I've only puked once.

    We were driving and smoking for like an hour non stop, and I got dizzy and my buddy had to pull over and I puked a little along the road. Then I went home and went to bed for a few hours, got up still high haha.
  11. usually when one greens out they consumed to much for their own good.

    The second time I smoked I smoked too much, too quickly and had a mild panic attack/green out. Although, the 1 hour car ride my buddy and I were doing flew by SO FAST! I was riding shotgun and next thing I knew we were at the gas station there!
  12. I thought greening out meant you smoked so much that you had to take a nap/pass out?
    Not vomiting profusely.
    I'm going to go with what Unknownfuzzball said, low blood sugar levels is the cause of you feeling sick. That or dehydration. Ive experienced both of those high, and it feels terrible
  13. It can happen from smoking alot, taking a huge hit and coughing to the point that your gag reflexes goes off and makes you throw up, or if the edibles are just too strong for the stomach to handle.
  14. I have never greened out.I always smoke with fanta orange by my side.and about puking it settles my stomach so well. I always smoke when am hangover
  15. What is green out? Never heard of this before
  16. This is also what I thought. If this is true, then I have greened out from a crap ton of bong rips on an empty stomach.
  17. Guys...greening out is getting so high you pass out, not puking all over the place. :hello:

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