What makes you diff?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pink Oddity, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Everyone always says that they're different than the "typical cliche stoner"- especially here on this forum.
    Well, here's a thread for you blades you tell exactly what makes you different from the pothead that the government shows us on tv.

    (Talking about those steriotypes.)
  2. I don't smoke everyday, have never tried any other drugs (considered shrooms, though). Also, I don't let it change my life. And no, I have never missed dinner with my grandma or picking up my little brother from baseball practice or let a child get lost in an amusement park, because of weed.

    There you go.
  3. similar to hemp, weed is something i love, but would let go of in a second if need arose.... if i ever felt the slightest that it was affecting my performance in.... life in general, i could let go

    other than that, i'm typical...i guess ;) what about you PO?
  4. i'm anything but lazy. i don't put bud before my education or family/friends. i take care of a "terrible two-year-old" every day of the week with seemingly more enthusiam and sense of responsiblility than his own mother (my sister). and no, i don't get him stoned (....i can wait until he can match me :D) instead of being melted to the couch, i get out much more. people now tell me that they used to think i was creepy (..yeah, antisocial, never smiled, all black, wore hair in front of face) now they tell me i'm the most chill, peaceful, respectful person you'd ever want to meet. :D since i started smoking bud, i have realized the value of the earth and other human lives, i don't want to wrap your house and egg your car, i want to be friends with you and understand you :smoke:
  5. I don't lie to my loved ones about it. My immediate family all know that I've smoked and loved it (and inhaled..lol).
    Um, I make sure to make educated decisions and views on things and don't believe that other people tell me.
    I was very "peer pressured" into it.
    My grades in school are kick ass.
    I'm motivated and not on my ass 24/7.
    And most importantly, it's just a hobby. I would never put it infront of something/someone I really love.

    EDIT: And most importantly, I don't try to outrun tik-tik. :)
  6. Hmm... well it's hard to say because what's a "typical stoner"?

    Because I'm very much a stereotypical intellectual stoner, the kind who are smart, go to good schools, are politically active, etc etc. Everyone else I know who smokes is also at least somewhat like this, so when I think "typical" I think of people like this, although you won't see them on the Antidrug commercials.

    But I'm not much like the typical lazy stoner (although obviously when I'm high I don't much feel like being very active).

    So I guess it depends on what's typical.

  7. :laughing: hehe, me either!
  8. i have a job
  9. tik-tik...eh?
  10. id just throw a white lighter at tik-tik.

    but really, im pretty diverse according to my friends. i hang out with the punk rockers, the wiggers, the geeks, the losers, the foreigners, all that shit. i listed to all kinds of different music, i know 4 languages, i got a 3.0 GPA right now but some of my grades are slipping because of sick absences. i wish the government would use me as an example of a stoner, then the world wouldnt stereotype so damn easily. oh yea, i also rap, and not just say "boom boom i kill you ***** where my money bitch? i use more "complex" (lol) words when talking to corporate type people. eh, i just love proving everyone and everything wrong, its in my nature.
  11. Hmm I think I am the typical stoner.
  12. shit i get failing grades and im lazy as fuck even if im not smoking weed.
  13. I was just talking to my husband about something similar. I think we are all brainwashed to believe stoners/drug addicts are this or that. -- I saw my dealer on Sunday night (just a social visit) and he hadn't slept all weekend, yet he is completely functional. He does some hard drugs but not many and not often. I was commenting to my husband that I think it's so amazing, such a functional druggie. That people like him give drugs a good name (he just a really good person overall). My husband said the majority of American's are drug abusers...its all the propaganda making us think it isn't typical for people to do drugs and function well in society. functioning well in society is relative

    With that background in mind, I think I'm a typical stoner. I have a good job, a great husband, some pretty good friends and a love for weed. Yeah typical methinks.
  14. I'm not ignorant.
  15. im not lazy, i have good grades.....easily....and i can think on my feet and also dont ty to outrun tik tik hahah or shove my fist in my mouth.....hahaha
  16. same exact thing i would have said
  17. Due to will power, weed minimally interfers with daily life for me.
  18. i am different because i am a unique individual and there is no one like me. My mom says i am very special.

    haha anyway, yea i dont think im the typical stoner because i care VERY much about political activism and awareness of the TRUE FACTS of marijuana.
  19. i love reading books about astronomy, astro and quantum physics... (i learn a lot while taking a number 2 ... :D )

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