What makes up a great bong

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  1. What makes the difference? Tree percs? Dome? Diffuser? Inline?

    Just sold my vape and im switching to some heavy duty glass. I'm about to go buy my first bong soon and i'm looking for advice as to what elements constitute a killer bong. Looking at sovereignty, toro, roor, illadelph, and luke wilson...so far ive come to the conclusion that a showerhead diffuser and a dome+tree perc would really make the difference but im still looking for tips/comments before making the leap
  2. I love Toros. Well made and not tooo expensive. Always high quality stuff and I just love the way they work
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    Smoke Filtration=Surface Area+Contact Time

    What this means is that smaller bubbles=better filtration, and the overall distance the smoke spends in contact with water also adds to filtration, hence why disc percs or the peyote pillar are so effective.

    Additional factors such as churn can factor into smoothness, collisions can create smaller bubbles or cauce recirculation which will keep smoke in contact with water longer.

    Avoid pieces with thin choke points, don't get a bong with any restrictions less than 14mm wide is my rule. Get a nice bowl with good air flow, either a disc diffused, ice pinch, or multi-hole/honeycomb.

    Carbon filters and ash catchers will both help keep your tube clean. Personally I would never go above 3 levels of water filtration without a carbon filter and only 2 levels of filtration with a filter.

    However cool a 2+ foot bong might sound at first, it won't be practical unless you are very very tall. 20 inches and under is a good rule.

    With these considerations in mind it is all aesthetic from there, good luck on the hunt.
  4. Thanks for your input. The sovereignty peyote pillar looks insane. Can't find a price though do you know what's the base price?
  5. 850-1200 bucks. It's a very difficult piece to make. For a similar offering I really like fixed stem to disc setups (not the biggest fan of DWB, but he has been churning them out like mad). A triple disc or fixed stem with an ash catcher are also good options. Fixed stem to perc is also awesome but will run you some money. My personal preference is a well diffused fixed stem single chamber with a carbon filter and a disc diffused slide. Can probably make that last set up for 300-400 bucks.

  6. I'm not denying that Toro's are among (if not) the best pieces out there, but not tooo expensive?

    I have to disagree. Even among high end bongs, Toro's tend to be pricy.

    However, what makes up a great bong is really what you consider a great bong.

    While a classic beaker bottom Illadelph might be the perfect bong to one, a fixed stem Toro or a honeycomb PHX might be the ideal bong for someone else.

    Personally, the more intricate the glass work, the more appealing it is to me.

    Given the choices you have listed, I'd go with a piece from Sovereignty or Toro. They are both high end pieces, and I'd be shocked if you were left unhappy with either.
  7. Thanks. The peyote pillar looks crazy but I also noticed that Toro has nice disc setups so it's going to be up to the store and how their prices compare between SG's pillar and Toro's discs. Carbon filter will be a must for the peyote haha

    Agreed, those are the 2 im going to compare while checking out shops. Can't wait and thanks to grasscity for guiding me. I was set on an illadelph coil with a matching ashcatcher but now I know what to really look for so that high price=high quality

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