What makes spiritual things "spiritual"?

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  1. What is it that makes a thing spiritual?

    Must it be paranormal? Self-reflective? Related to beliefs? What is the essence of spirituality?
  2. i dont know man, good question,
  3. personally i think what makes a spiritual occurence spiritual is this.

    it has to be a profound experience that has a deep rooted meaning to you.. doesnt have to be paranormal, it just has to strike you deep down in your soul and have a big impact on how you think about yourself/life/whatever for the better, its enlightening
  4. this is actually a pretty intriguing question. Im an atheist and i dont believe in "souls" or "spirits" or anything like that, but i still find some things out there to be spiritual, like drugs, for example.
    And when i think about it, the reason i find drugs like weed to be spiritual is because it helps me become way more self aware.

    so if u ask me, anything is spiritual as long as it helps you become more self aware.
  5. I dont think spiritual can really be defined, it's depends on the person, but for myself its anything that opens my mind, my eyes and my heart
  6. How is spirit different from essence?
  7. Sigh...

    The biggest question of all time. And all I got is riddles.

    Find Wisdom, and you might hope to find Love.
  8. Spiritual: Anything which assuages or eliminates the overwhelming existential dread a person feels as a result of existing.

    It's fun pretending that my idea I made up is a real definition:D
  9. Anything, because it's totally arbitrary.
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    my personal opinion:

    i believe spirituality is what makes an individual both physically and psychologically fullfilled, happy and wise with the complete fullfillment of cardinal belief.

    it can differ to each person and their beliefs. for example some people feel happy and fullfilled by going to church, while another individual may find themselves spiritual when they meditate. personally i am an athiest and find it fullfilling and spiritual every time i help a person in concrete need or i do something good for humanity.

    what makes things spiritual are the people that think of them as spiritual pertaining to their beliefs. many find that "things" they see are spiritual can be very different to other people.

    again my personal opinion

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