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What makes some weed Purple?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by can-a-bliss, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. What is the key determining factor that causes certain buds to turn purple? Is it purely genetics or does it have to do with low temps?
  2. It is not pure genetics, my buddy gave me a clone from his pineapple that was wayyyy purple. His temps were in the high 60's low 70's mine in the low 80's and mine did not purple at all.
  3. So the purple Lady I got going in my room with the high temps won't purple at all???? Should I just kill her off and let my other ones use the light?
  4. its COLD night temps to make weed go purple...it's just a defense machanism to the cold weather.
  5. genetics and temp. i wouldnt kill it.
  6. Are you asking if you should kill it purely because it won't show purple?
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^

    I had some Durban Poison go late one year and the cool October nights turned it purple.
  8. One of my firends suggested putting my plant(s) in cold whether so I could sell mids like purp
  9. You could probably set up something with like, a window A/C unit that comes ON when your lights go OFF during flowering no? Or would that fuck something up? Just simulate the situation. Maybe even have the A/C unit turn on as well as a humidifier or dehumidifier to mimic the exact cold conditions as far as temp and relative humidity where purple grows naturally. Just a thought. I'm probably wrong.
  10. A/C generates more heat that cold so thats outta of the question. If I can't make it purple oh well.
  11. My plant has been turning purple and i found this thread trying to find out if the buds themselves will be purple.

    I have no thermometer so i can only speculate at that, but does anyone know if my stems are purple will the buds be too? and is this genetics or cold night temps even tho its summer? it has been a very mild summer so far here.
  12. fuck i wouldn't kill it. You can turn a plant purple from cold temps, or you can just grow it purple from genetics in any temp.
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    someone posted a really nice article about this in another thread

    It basically stated that it's a combination of genetics and condition that turns plants purple.

    if your plant has the (purple) genes, the purple will come out if they are subjected to colder temps. no purp genes, no purple unless you give them the krylon touch.

    wish i could find that article

    edit: searched for "purple" in the indoor growing forum led me to this thread:


    scroll down to zpyro's post, read the part in bold
  14. hey growin what do you mean by the krylon touch? do you, or have you painted buds before?:confused:
  15. lol, it was a joke, I would hope no one on here has spray-painted buds!
  16. I have herd that if on the last days of harvest all you have to do is put Ice water in your res .It will make your plant purple .

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