What makes RooR so great

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  1. I have never had the pleasure of smoking out of a roor and i hear alot of talk abpout how great they are

    what makes em so special?
  2. hit you and you will know....

    its just a really well engineered bong that rips realllly hard. I have a double perc roor that hands down gets me higher than any other bong ive ever hit and ive hit a ton.......
  3. hard to describe any other way than just a well put together piece that hits just right
  4. It's the preferred bong of the United States Olympic Swim Team.

  5. ha thats great
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    haha that is perfect..speaking of the bong he used!

  7. Wow I saw that tube on EDIT before but never really put the two together haha. That's great man! Would rep ya if mine meant anything lol.
  8. RooR, illadelph, ph(x)... high end tubes just hit better. they have thicker, higher quality glass, the angles are just right, they hit like a dream

    dunno what to tell ya, they're just awesome :smoking:
  9. I have a three foot PH(x) im was just told that roor is soooooooo much better.
    i was wondering why
  10. Haha! Holy shit.
  11. No bong is gonna get you higher than the other unless you are retarded and cant suck and inhale. Its not like the quality of the glass amplifies the weed and makes it so much better. If you milk any bong and inhale and hold your gonna get just as high as any roor illy zong etc. But yes the quality is much better so its not as easy to break, and it hits alot smoother with less drag.

  12. PH(x) doesn't use glass of the same quality as roor, they don't use percs or perc designs of the same quality, and they are factory assembled as opposed to hand blown which results in less than ideal quality control
  13. word..

  14. prolly true. but i wouldnt let that discourage you form enjoying your Phx. Id be happy if i had a tube, period.

  15. very true. it's not like i was just saying all that to shit on his tube. he started this thread, and then specifically asked why his PHX wasn't the same quality as a RooR tube
  16. hahahaha lol, and how do you propose factory built using lasers and very precise equipment to blow the tube/percs is less precise then someone blowing glass by hand? Also for the record the perc design of a PH(x) is just as "filtering" as a tree perc on a RooR. You can hit a perc'd roor and a PH(x) right next to eachother and there will be equal amount of drag but the hit will feel different because of the style of perc. It's kind of hard to explain unless you hit them side by side but it all comes down to personal preference.

  17. ^^ you clearly have no idea what you are trying to argue about. How about getting your facts straight before posting bs.

    and in honor of lincoln here is a quotation:
    "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
  18. Rolls Royce's are built by hand.

    That being said, i really dont like big label bongs.
  19. buy one and you'll see. I have 2 roors one for on the go purposes Mini fairMaster and the actual Fairmaster and I've had people tell me after the get high using either one they can't get the same high with anything else. I feel the same way but it all depends on the people
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    I'll let the pictures do the talking.....


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