What makes music good or bad?

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  1. So I've been trying to think of what really makes music good or bad.
    And I can't really come up with anything. I honestly feel that there isn't any bad music, just different tastes.
    I actually like most music. Its pretty hard for me to find stuff I don't like. I am just not a very critical person when it comes to music, even though listening to and playing music is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in my life? Or do I just have a taste for music that is "rare"?

  2. I don't really like to call music "bad," because it's entirely opinion-based. I don't even consider musicianship a factor in whether or not music is good. Sometimes a poorly trained vocalist or musician creates the most powerful music. But I suppose that's what I consider "good" music, or at least the stuff that stands out to me. When something connects with me, I can feel the emotion that went into each piece. It's almost as if I'm getting a tiny glimpse into the artist(s) brain. When it's really gelling with me, I get shivers down my spine... 
  3. What makes music good or bad is a personally subjective subject.What makes music good for me is this list in this order:Musician understands that music is a communicative art, not a profitable industry. You can feel emotion in music. Clear skill or expression. Innovation or classical visualization. Immersive. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. bad production/mixing, bad lyrics, the technical skill of a 3 year old, bad singing, sloppy instrument playing, poor song structure, "havent i heard this song, just slightly different before" aka the same song rehashed over and over again.
    on the other end you have lyrics unfitting to the music, musicians so overly technical the song is boring, misplaced singing, again, overly technical playing you get "guitar wankery", and attempts at being progressive that just turn into circlejerks.
    for music to really be good, it usually needs a nice in between of either of those two categories. something with creativity, energy, and emotion. you always know when you find what you believe to have incredibly energy, and emotion. and creativity is something some bands can have a ton of or none of and still have a fuckton of the energy and emotion that really gets you into a song.
    of course i mostly listen to metal so, being that its essentially the new jazz its easier for me to categorize whats good or bad (which isnt to say that i enjoy it, thats an entirely different topic.. not many people are even into metal to begin with, and i like it. lots call it bad. i think deathcore is a terrible genre of metal, yet i still enjoy the shit out of it yknow?).
  5. Its very simple, actually; if I like it, then its good. Everything else may as well not even exist..
  6. Bad production makes bad music. Playing a melody that doesn't go with the chords/bass lines, having a weak melody, or whack drums, having drums that don't go with each other, or just playing off key can make music pretty bad.
    I'm open to a lot of music, and try to be open minded, but when a track is horrible, I just won't be able to like it.

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