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    when i see people on vids or in pics with all this beautiful buds and i'm poor and disabled and live in a shitty place with no medical or any tolerance laws and can only dream of having one of those nugs and have to take these crappy pills for my pain and condition when god has given us a plant that is so much better for me

    i am cursed and can not get any it makes me pissed off and bitter at life in general
  2. I am sorry you feel that way.
    Are you too handicapped to grow your own?
    What about a caregiver?
  3. i live in a zero tolerance state

    its not that i cant get it i will lose my insurance if i get caught and then i'll be really fucked

    i was nearly dead 3 years ago
  4. pills are just as good what do you have oxys snort those basterds
  5. no i dont get those i get stuff that sucks and almost killed me
  6. What "Stuff"? There are other options for pain management.
  7. yeah if you have money but i can't work anymore i was nearly dead i am surprised i am still alive actually because technically i should be dead
  8. It seems to me, one in such a position as yourself, wouldnt have much to worry about as far as the law is concerned. Guess I could be wrong, as that does happen from time to time ;)
  9. well yes but it isn't me i am worried about
  10. Ah i see.
    Well my thoughts are with ya, hope things get better. I sit and think about an idea, but the bottom line is... negativity.
  11. In other words, wish I could think of a viable solution for ya, but without knowing you, there isnt much ya know.
  12. ok well you were getting kind of cryptic.
  13. when day, when i get my grow on, ill send you some bud for free, thats my mission, when i get alot older, to supply free marijuana to those in need,
  14. ^ I dont suggest that for either of you.

    But yes, cryptic is all one can be who doesnt know you :)
  15. thansk but i'll probably be dead by the time they make medical laws in this place and i really dont have the energy to move or a place to go where the laws are better

  16. yeh no doubt
  17. i dont want you to feel sorry for me or to do anything illegal guys, i just hope it might encourage people to work towards improving the laws and human condition
  18. In your kind of position though
    If you are in that bad of a condition You need to move to a place ASAP that has medical
    It will be all worth it in the end Good luck
  19. im trying bro i am but with limited options right now and the economy how it is i cant do much right now

    i think often to end it but there are people who care about me, and that is something some people dont even have at all. I have some blessings. I can not do it because it would seriously damage them.So if you have someone to love in your life be grateful, some people dont even have that. I'm not afraid to die i have nearly died twice, i mean literally dead, there is nothing I am afraid of anymore. It is the people i leave behind i am afraid for you know. I can't damage them like that, be a coward and take the easy way out. So I put up a good fight and pretend for them. I don't want them to worry dude.

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