What makes life worth living to YOU!??

Discussion in 'General' started by ineedasmoke, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. What makes life worth living to YOU!??

    At 19 years old i am really struggling to answer this question.. I have a messed up family, not many friends, not much of a social life if any.. and i work a hard labor job.

    I dont find beauty or happiness in the simple things most people would say make life worth living..

    Yes i like weed, i like music and working out and so on.. But nothing so powerful that makes me say WOW LIFE IS AWESOME I LOVE IT!!

    Maybe im lonely, maybe im depressed, or maybe just lost.. But right now it kinda sucks. There has to be more to life then living a boring ass life, working a shitty job, and basically just existing. I WANT TO LIVE. I WANT EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE.

    I'd like to hear some of the things that make your life worth living?
  2. 1) Weed
    2) Money
    3) power
    4) World of Warcraft
    5) Finding a wife
  3. Nothing. I just live it.
  4. and your not happy nor sad?.. You're just existing?
  5. Well 19 is way too young to answer that question trust me,
    as for me the fact that life is good is what makes it worth living for me, there's more to life than all those things you mentioned having trouble with.
  6. [quote name='"ineedasmoke"']

    and your not happy nor sad?.. You're just existing?[/quote]

    Oh well, pretty much irritated and pissed off at everything haha. I'm like you, same age, I have no friends (not in school and don't have a job so not many people to socialize with) can't go out and meet people because I have no money to go out or have the knowledge to randomly make friends. I have social anxiety, I'm shy, I'm introverted, thankfully my family is ok but we are FUCKED financially. So I guess I view life negatively and not worth living yet I live anyway. Not like I have a choice lol
  7. Were all in the same boat.
  8. The philosophy of YOLOTY.

    You only live once this year.

  9. lmao I remember that shit :laughing:
  10. My reason to live is to laugh.. Whenever I'm starting to get depressed I'll do or say something funny/stupid and just start cracking up, sometimes as loud as I can. It might not even be that funny, sometimes people look at me weird, but fuck it, it makes me feel better.
  11. Art, first and foremost; painting, photography, poetry, literature, and especially music is just the most powerful thing in the world, to me. I can take a piece of myself and turn it into something tangible that (hopefully) people may be able to relate to.

    Other than that, as cheesy and stupid as it may sound, my faith and spirituality keep me going through some of the really tough times. Keeping myself centered and striving to progress on the ever-flowing path towards the Godhead, is what its all about.

  12. Life seems like a huge burden with not many rewards, I worry a lot about my future, like where i will be financially, If i will ever have a social life or anything great or fun to participate in.. and these things constantly run through my mind.
    I suck at meeting new people, Im not the type of person who can just go right up someone male or female and introduce myself and become friends. This has become huge burden on me because no one is approaching me either so im stuck here friendless and with no girlfriend.

    I can honestly say that right now i have no goal or dream in life.. i cant even figure out what makes me happy or what i want to do or be.. This annoys the fuck out of me.

    People will reply with faith and religion and such, and thats great for them but its no help to me. I grew up in a Catholic household and went to catholic school and it was always forced upon me.. as i matured i quickly debunked religion and realized it was pretty much a scam.
    I wouldnt say I am an atheist but i do not believe in any man made religion.
  13. doesn't apply to you, and might be a little cliche, but my son. nothing else keeps me going like he does.
  14. The possibility that the world will end while I am alive. :hello::hello:

    Can't wait for that day. :devious:
  15. my son..

    thats it
  16. Humanity. I want to live my life in effort to better people and society.

    I really hate the system we live in and would love to change it.
  17. My family, parents and sister

    My cat cause she rules

    Sunny ass days like yesterday, amazing

    The smell and feel of a fresh ounce in your hand

    That first bong rip of the day.

    Sweating my ass off working out.



    Sleeping, I love to fucking sleep.

    My bike

    The beach

    Bikini's :D


    And many more.......................
  18. The knowledge that things never stay the same. No matter how shitty things are, they won't always be shitty. Things always change. Not always for the better, but the fact is they still change.
  19. A few weeks ago my life wasnt worth living to me, but I grew some goddamn balls and said fuck it. Now I live for the pleasures in life. For example; weed, doing whatever I want, family, and whatever makes me feel good.

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