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what makes it paraphenalia

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 1368633, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Lets say a cop stops me and finds my bong and its brand new is that considered paraphanelia? lets say i had finished smoking weed and cleaned it really good no traces of weed is that paraphanelia? I could be smoking tobacco for all the porker knows..


    thx im stoned
  2. The resin, I believe.

    If it's never been used for weed before, it's not illegal. Just a tobacco accesory.

    If they have a reasonable doubt, they'll send it in for testing, and they'll find out if it has any traces of resin inside it
  3. anything that has evidence of weed on it is considered drug paraphernalia. if its clean, they have nothing on you.
  4. It's paraphanelia once you use it for an illegal substance. If it's a bong I really don't know why they'd think you would be using it for tobacco (who the fuck smokes tobacco in a bong, anyway?), so if there was resin of some sort on it they would definitely test it. No resin, it's just a "water pipe".
  5. I think somebody should go out and buy like a 20 dollar acrylic bong, smoke some tobacco out of it until the point that there's a decent resin buildup and then get intentionally caught with your "unused (for marijuana)" bong. So you're just walking by the cops with it out and they "catch" you and they send it in and BOOM they're shut down. Just ol' 'backy. Show them pigs who's boss.
  6. ^ fucking siick idea bro omg...haha that would be funny as hell!!
  7. hilarious.....sigged
  8. ya dude i was wondering this to cuz i just recently bought a necklace thats got a pipe on it and i was wearing it around town until i figured i could get busted for it.

    smoked outta it now tho so i cant wear it anymore.
  9. Its only illegal IF it has residue from an illegal substance.
    If its brand new, never been used, tell them to back the fuck off your tobacco water pipe.
    I was wondering though, if you have weed and clean glass can they still charge you for paraphenalia? I would assume not... but you never know
  10. really puttin it to good use there, eh bud???:rolleyes:
  11. Damn if I smoked tobaccy I'd totally do that and see how redfaced the coppers get when they have to give it back cause they were wrong
  12. lol yea that be funny seeing the porker getting all cherry faced. then u can tell him he is a hypocrite
  13. Resin. But you can be charged with a clean pipe if there is a dirty one in the car
  14. That sucks mushrromsatsuji, and yea i was always thinkingf how funny it would be to just casually walk up to some pigs with a clean(never used for anything) bong in hand and start a conversation until they notice it and attempt to bust you(just make sure your not holdin)
  15. Anything with resin on it is considered para, even your lighters or pack of papers.
  16. Wait, why would a pa ck of papers be paraphenalia? There should be so resin unless youve got a roach or something.
    So you come out of the store, with a apck of papers, and a nickel bag in your pocket. You cant just get away with a possesion charge if your busted?
  17. if you have a nickel bag and a pack of papers and the cops are arresting you, and charging you with paraphernalia. you've got some dick fucking cops who are just trying to fuck up your life. but i guess they could charge you if they really wanted to.
  18. they can charge you for that only if there is resin

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