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what makes girls wanna fuck?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by chronicman00, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. :ey::ey::ey:obviously almost anything can make a guy get off but what really puts girls in the mood?

    all guys know the essentials or most for that matter but theres certain things only women can answer. i just wanna hear the women's opinion on what makes them wanna get down.:ey::ey::ey:
  2. Led Zeppelin gets me in the mood.

    So does any kind of woodsy type scents.

    I also like people touching my back, quick way to get the job done.
  3. haha yeah being sensual is always good.
  4. I think smell is a big factor. Another thing is motorcycles or really loud speakers. My old truck had a sick system in it..I got laid in that back seat so many fucking times with my music just poundin' away.
  5. Led Zeppelin gets me in the mood too.
  6. Its called a libido.
  7. According to Manswers, "Pumpkin Pie" leads to a good:poke:
  8. If I'm not mistaken, big dicks make chicks want to fuck.

  9. LOL.

    And, personally, just chillin, being relaxed and having him play with my hair, caress my skin, or massage me. Oh man, and don't let there be weed involved! He'll be in for a treat.

  10. Hahaha.
    ThAt's funny how all the top universitys come up with all those weird facts on Manswers.

    Like"what type of clothe makes a girl horny?"
    Well according to rats it's silk.WTF
    Idk I'm baked
  11. You get love drunk on pot!? There needs to be more girls like you!
  12. For my girl, in no particular order, its:

    pineapple pizza
    ANY kind of movie in a theater
    pretending I'm too "busy" (I love this one)
    sour worms
    bite her neck/cleavage
    random presents
    having shaved
    wearing a sweater she got me for xmas
    not having had sex in a couple days

    probably more too. Just can't think of em all.
  13. Wit and Humor, if you can keep a girl laughing all night, she'll melt in your hands, alcohol pulls in at second.
  14. my girl gets really turned on when i give her a back massage, play with her nipples, kiss down her neck/back, any kind of sensual touching, alcohol, she loves when i slap my dick across her face, hot baths, skinny dipping in the pool...im sure there are more that i cant think of right now.
  15. I don't think anyone has mentioned LOVE yet, so I will ... a classic Moody Blues album doesn't hurt either. Try "To Our Children's Children's Children" ... just my humble opinion ...

  16. "she loves when i slap my dick across her face"

    hahaha havint even seen that in porn yet hahahaha.

    i tried last night but i missed because its not that big:(
  17. my big package and fat sac makes the girls go quack quack
  18. Generally men get turned on by what they see, women get turned on by what they hear. :ey:

    Speaking personally...

    the right kind of talk
    the right kind of movie
    the right kind of music

    and hitting my thirties basically turned me into a raving sex enthusiast. :hello: I mean, I liked it before but whoa, 30 ftw ladies!! ;) :yay: Takes nothing for me to be in the mood now :D
  19. #19 Tyke, Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    Funny that all but 2 replies are from guys :wave:

    EDIT - Oops, make that 3. Freedom posted same time I did.
  20. win ! :hello:

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