What makes dominant features?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mendi769, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Ok so brief info I'm 5'9 180 I used to be 5'9 205 I played football so I was bulky. I understood that I looked scary at the time to some people well last night I was hanging with some friends and this girl said I was scary. I rock carhartts timberlands and jeans alot of the time. She said I look like a thug and she would be intimidated by me if we were on the street. It didn't stop there they said I have a dominant presence in the room? What makes that. I was thinking because I have black hair and brown hair helped but that couldn't be all? This is for my curiosity real answers would be appreciated.
  2. Got a square jaw? Hair on your knuckles? A beard?
  3. I'm told the same.

    I'm skinny 5-10 and Asian, how the fuck am I scary? Maybe my beard and chisled cheek and strong jaw line...

    I'm actually peaceful once you know me. I just don't look it.
  4. you got dat rape face bro?
  5. that's probably the vibe you give off to everyone
  6. Do they know about those girls you raped?
  7. Lol but it's been before I could grow facial hair then it was te muscle and I am doing no shave November. No hair on the knuckles they are a little tore up, (got in a fight, stupid kid not my fault didn't want to either)
  8. And I don't rape people thank you haha
  9. Haha before I put on my college weight a bunch of people thought I was scary as hell, at 6'1 150, bold jaw line and almost full black eyes (naturally). #slenderman
  10. you probably have a lot of testosterone. Be proud and go fuck some women.

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