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What makes a "seasoned" stoner?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BluntedMusician, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. I've been smoking for about 5 years now, and I still don't have a clear definition of a "seasoned" stoner. I'd like to think that I smoke a good amount and have been regularly since I started. Learned proper ettiquete, smoked with more experienced, and learned their experiences. So would that qualify me as a "seasoned" stoner, or do I have to be at least 40? ;)
  2. Well, "seasoned" as far as I know means pretty much means a year or more. If you smoke alot then your seasoned :D
  3. Haha, seasoned...

    Just like baked, toasted, cooked, burnt...

    Why all the food associations?

  4. mUNCHIES!!!

    as soon as you can smoke weed without acting like an idiot, know the facts about weed, can roll your own joints, make a bong out of ANYTHING, and could take out a newbie smoker and show them the ropes, then you are seasoned.

    Mostly, i think you are seasoned as soon as you have passed your weed knowledge on to someone else.

  5. well, im a seasoned toker then... everyone in my group of stoner friends dont beleive me when i tell them facts, like that there ARE such things as a hermi plant...they swore up and down, " No, u either get seeds, or buds!"..

    sigh...oh well, NOW they know the truth

  6. just because you can, doesnt mean u always should... a bong made of a block of cheese wouldnt be very cool in my mind..:D
  7. a bong out of a block of cheese would be tight cause then you could eat it! :D that'd prolly be gross as fuck though...
  8. Haha, that's some nasty ish.
  9. Just hollow out the cheese and line the chamber with plastic wrap. Althought it might melt, the plastic and/or the cheese...which would be gross/messy. Yah...come to think of it, cheese wouldnt be so great...for bongs, otherwise cheese is yummy.

    You know what I want to Ice Bong...not just a bong with ice IN it...but MADE of ice. Like an ice sculpture, that is a bong, that works :D. It would be very temporary, yet very awesome. DAMN! I wish I had thought if this sooner! But I'm moving to LA in no more snow/ice :( wait...thats also good :D
  10. Wow. I wish I had thought of the Ice Bong...that's seriously cool. I might have to try that next winter. Too late to do it now. :(
  11. umm being a seasoned stoner doesnt mean u dont say dumb things when ur high....ive been smokin more then half the ppl on this site for the last 4 years, and i Still manage to say stupid shit sometimes.. but when u babble on about stupid shit, then yea ur just a pain in the ass that doesnt belong smoking

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