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what makes a pothead??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by maryjanelovr13, Dec 25, 2002.


so u consider urself a pothead?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. i started smoking last month and cant stop iv smoked almost everyday since and now all muh friends are callin me a pot head and i was just wonderin how much does it take to be a pot head!??? this is just a question so have fun w/ it or whatever hehe...
  2. a pothead is like a crackhead, if u fiend for weed an cant stop...yea i'd call that a pothead....
  3. naw ... i dont have to be addicted like that to be a pot head .... a pot head is just someone who just really likes being stoned...
  4. yea i would say daily use of weed or at least weekly and you have to be into the pot culture too
  5. ya. i'd say you're a pothead. you're a fucking pothead.

    but there's really not much wrong in being Mr. pothead, man. non-smoker joe over there doesn't know, but we know you're all good. so dont be down that ur a pothead, and dont be down your friends think you're some addict. because then you're just a fucking schitzophrenic.

    you're not a schitzophrenic. you're not a schitzophrenic. you're not a schitzophrenic. over and over man. you'll feel better in a jiffy.
  6. Round here a stoner is someone who smokes occasionally or on weekends and gets a rep because of it.

    Where as a pot head is someone who smokes regularly and appreciates weed for more than the effect it gives them.

    My philosophy on weed is if you're going to do it, do it well.
  7. i agree with Mighty Joe Bong. there's nothing wrong with being a pot head, most people think that pot heads use weed to "escape" which is why some people think being a pot head is bad
  8. i think what defines u as a pothead is if u think about the herb like other people think about sex.
  9. hey weedeater, u got mah old avatar
  10. I AM A POTHEAD! I get high on a daily basis. Pot is a big thing in my life. If I don't have it... WATCH OUT! I spend alot of my money on weed itself and paraphenilia. SO if you are like me I would say you are a pothead.
  11. It's funny, some of my friends will make up little things that makes a pot-head and use them to say they're not. Like I don't scrape my pipe, so I'm not a pot-head, or I don't name my piece etc etc. But they smoke every day...
  12. I dont sweat labels . . .
  13. what makes a pothead you ask? well, ok. i'll tell ya.

    you see. when a mommy pothead and a daddy pothead love eachother very much, and they decide they want to have a baby..

    lmao! i'm just effin' around :D
  14. the butter criti are acting up again in the back of the fridge. everytime I close the door, they set the butter up right up against the mustard (spicy brown, of course) so when I go to open it, it falls out. I dont think ive heard them laughing, but I can hear them in my head laughing, like how Id hear them laughing if they were laughing loud enough for me to hear them laughing. theyre trickey like that.
  15. I smoke weed every day!!! or at least whenever i have weed, which is everyday unless everyone is empty, but those days are rare! So smoke bowl and get high, what else are you gunna do?

  16. what scares me is i actually understand this...

  17. I think I am sitting right on the borderline of stoner and pothead. I smoke several times a week average, and I absolutely love every second of it, but it hasn't gotten to the point of taking over my life. Its something I enjoy doing very much, kind of like a hobby, but it doesn't keep me from doing other things.
  18. I don't think weed has to take over your life to be a stoner. Maybe take up your free time, but if it's taking over your life than you are an addict. I don't think any pothead ever gets to this point. Crackheads, yeah, but not stoners.

    Pothead and stoner are used interchangeably here in my city. I would classify a pothead as someone who smokes occasionally, doesn't really buy all that often but does buy occasionally and likes to get high on occasion, too. I think a stoner is someone who has a love for chronic and thinks a good day is getting together which a bunch of friends and just chilling and smoking pot. I would also say that it's someone that smokes on a daily, or at least every other day basis.

    I think I'm a stoner. I buy weed a few times a week and I just love chilling with friends and smoking and the feeling that I get from it. I'll smoke any time of day and I'll smoke until I am straight up blinded :D

  19. Well, I didn't mean completely take over your life, but for example, I have several friends in college who have basically stopped going to class because all they do is smoke weed. They are turning down many opportunities just so they can go smoke more. I don't want that to happen. I am doing reasonably well in school and I really need to keep it that way.

    Also, I thought a pothead was an all the time smoker, the pot equivalent to an alcoholic. And a stoner was an occasional smoker. Thats always what I thought, but could be wrong.

  20. same thing happens to me except with milk and butter. And I think there truly is something going on in the fridge when your not there. I can put the butter on the bottom shelf, leave the room, come back, and the butter is on the top shelf. I shut the door, walk over to the window and walk back and the butters back on the bottom and the beer is nocked over. they do it just to fuck with ya. I want to one of those mini spy survellance camerass and see what the hell goes on in there, I swear theres like little people or some shit in there.

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