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What makes a bong better?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by meridian6, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. I'm about to use a bong for the first time ever with some friends. I was just wondering if the high from it really is that much better, or if it's not too far ahead of a bubbler or something.

    *holy backage...*
  2. a bong is just much smoother and you inhale much more smoke so yes you get more high. bowls on bongs usually last about 2-3 hits unless it is fairly large but a few hits will get you stoned with fire
  3. The only thing better than 1 bong is 2 bongs.
  4. If you have never had a bong before, just remember to take it easy. It kicks like a mule

  5. Wrong.

    Bong water filters out a majority of the THC.

    You will get higher from a pipe or bubbler than you will from a bong.

  6. THC is non-water-soluble?

  7. Surely this would make bongs a lesser choice for the majority of smokers then? I thought THC had a very low solubility in water??
  8. You get much higher, smoke isnt nearly as harsh. Tastes silky. Gives you MAD munchies and in general its just super fun to use :smoke:

  9. To answer that, the smoke is actually intensified in the water. Which is why you get higher :D

  10. By this logic, a bubbler is just as bad as a bong. Water filtering is water filtering, if theres less THC from a bong, then a bubbler has the same decrease in potency.

    But I should add, I have pipes, bubblers, and bongs. 90% of the time I go with a bong, and definately not because it filters anything I want out.:wave:

  11. (Aside from edibles)
    I have never been as high as my bong gets me. Amazing what 2 soda bottles can do lol. It's smoother and u can take insanely massive rips from it or if ur taking it easy smaller ones. Eat a brownie, take 2 rips and call it a day ( well a few hours anyway)

    I think its 100 times better cause its smoother and not so hot on the inhale. I end up clearing my throat less for the next hour. My bowl and especially a "j" make a lot of flem in my throat that my bong present.
  12. The first time I properly used my bong I literally collapsed and couldn't move, everything was spinning and I ate half my house. With joints I usually just relax and feel happy.

    But, I felt really sick on the bong for the first few minutes, I overdone it. And I done 2 bowls I think.

    Edit: Bongs are much better, but I usually end up overdoing it on it which ain't good!
  13. Bongs are way better because the water you put in it (hot water for more denser hits and cold water for smoother hits) makes the smoke a hell of a lot easier to inhale. toke on and remember to clear the chamber of the bong :smoke:
  14. I like using bongs because it's simply fun! It's amazingly fun to use and you can take whatever amounts of hits and how hard without straining. It also makes weed taste better. I like taking medium hits and holding it in wityhout choking out.
  15. If you don't want to overdo it with a bong, you just need to space out your hits a bit more.
  16. I own many different dry pipes and bubblers and two bongs, Bongs get you higher faster, a little THC is taken out threw any water it is filtered through. But it filters out slightly more tar than it does THC making it slightly better, however the amount of THC that is removed by the water is almost negligible. It usually comes down to how long you want the bowl to last, bongs will eat the bowl up in a couple of good hits depending on the size bowl, while a pipe bowl can be passed around forever if done right. :smoke::smoke:
  17. if it has an icecatcher make sure u use that shit that makes it niccccceeeeeeeeeeee
  18. Even better if you can, do what I do and just stick it in the fridge until it's chilled. You will never have a smoother bong hit in your life.

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