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What Made You Want To Start Smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Indicade, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. For me, the thing that made me want to try weed was listening to kid cudi. He always talks about it in his songs and he was my fav artist so one day i was just like..... i wanna get stoned, no peer pressure or anything. I didn't know where to get it because i didn't know anyone that smokes, but then one day i was hanging out with some random people and they brought weed, so i tried it and have been smoking ever since.
    So what made you start smoking? Im guessing most people are gonna say friends, but i'd like to hear the stories.

  2. The first time I smoked I had just gone out to eat and was kicking it with friends from school. Long story short I just wanted to try it. No peer pressure. No circumstances. Just wanted to get lost in my own reality. 15 Years later..........sorry if my story was anti climatic. The wifey is given me the LOOK that says I better deliver.
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  3. I saw a lot of pictures on the internet comparing weed stats to alcohol and cola etc (0 deaths, opening your mind, healing benefits). I contacted a friend who rolled me a couple of jays, we went to the park and I lit those first beautiful joints up...went on a massive munchie spree after that
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  4. The hood.

    Lifted a Mile High... :D
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  5. I began as a total drug noob and I was definitely the person ringing the constant mental alarm "Say No to Drugs!!!" However, one day my one of my older siblings had some and explained to me the basics of the cannabis world. I was amazed and intrigued but back then I always imagined weed being super powerful and just completely crazy psychedelic shit lol. That was until I took my first big Bong hit and I was choking my ass off haha. Even though initially I didn't like the cough factor, afterwards my body became an enigma of amazing feelings. My pain went away and I felt super relaxed and confined. I also felt my mind was clear of all senseless doubt and I could truly "see"  Very mind opening experience for my first time and I was hooked to it like the THC to my receptors. I spent hours upon end learning about the amazing plant and eventually it's cultivation. Truly, Marijuana is extraordinary and 'I'll love it to the end.
    Smoking ever since. :bongin:
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  6. movies and music shit like that. it made it seem so fun and damn it they were right  :smoke:
  7. I heard about how it helps with depression and insomnia and my bud mentioned smoking after school before a talent show and I asked if I could come along. He said hell yeah and I took I think 3 hits and was blazed af and we walked down to Wendy's and i had a shake and some fries. It was hilarious and still one of the best times of my life. I was giggling so hard and thinking of crazy things and was the happiest person in the world which was weird because i was so used to being sad and tired all the time and to the point where I would contemplate suicide. Ever since I've used cannabis to aid in both of those problems while my sister decided she'd go to the doc to get medication and now she has to deal with dangerous possible side affects, and tiredness. (This would have been nice at the time before smoking weed as i have bad insomnia but smoking now allows me to maintain a relatively normal sleep schedule.) Will never forget that day.
  8. Why the fuck not

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  9. Cudi was good till he switched his style, he wasn't into rap but his music wasn't even rap, everyone liked it.. But I don't remember him always talking about weed, actually pretty rarely in fact
  10. Because I had nothing better to do.
  11. Music introduced me to it. And people I hung out with regularly used it so one day I bought a silver surfer vape and tried it out. Never looked back and no pressure to try

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  12. My brothers. No brotherly pressure I was interested

    Remember me? The one you stole your idea from.
  13. wanting to fade away into the clouds :hippie:
  14. Some background:
    I've always been a "do whatever you want with your body as long as you're not hurting yourself" type of guy. And from like an early age (like 6/7 grade) I knew weed was harmless bc my mom gave me the talk saying that it's not as bad as they say (but she didn't want me doing it, as I was like 11/12 at the time) so I knew to stay away from it. And once it became relevant to me in freshman year of high school, I still stayed away, but I never looked down on it. I just thought it wasn't my thing. But in sophomore year I got in with the skaters in my town, and I always chilled with them. They always smoked and I never took them up on their offer to take a few puffs. From here I learned that weed isn't bad at all. But I didn't budge till junior year. I was a musician and in a band and everyone I knew did it at least once. So at a local concert I decided why not and I smoked with two of my friends. I was so nervous and I didn't get actually high, just slightly giddy and I ended up grating a headache. I
    didn't like it, but I kept trying it here and there, until the summer of senior year. My friend and I had been smoking a fair amount in the mid spring to early summer. But we really got sold on the idea when we found out that his sister had a pipe and we found a connect. We smoked every day from that day on. Eventually we started holding more weed and hiding it in our houses starting stashes. And the rest is history

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    Curiosity and escapism.
    I sought it out in the first week of HS.
  16. My friend who's like a brother to me now was a dealer and smoked lots so since I was his good friend he wanted me to try it. I thought about it throughout a summer while he was in a diff state and when he came back I tried it and loved the first time I got stoned.
  17. I enjoy smoking because of the calming feeling afterwards. Often I have a hard time relaxing with all the thoughts going about in my head. Weed helps me slow my brain down a bit so I can concentrate on things. 
    I often smoke when i am working on very intense projects, like building a new robot. With the weed in me I pay more attention to the details of the project. It may also help with a little extra creativity in the blood stream.
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  18. I find I do a lot of positive self-reflecting after a bit of marijuana, and it melts away any stress or anxiety I may have had. Sometimes I'm just bored and it makes the night more interesting, and nice to wind down with after a long day. 
  19. Deliver what?

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