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What Made You Try Smoking Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheTrillest, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Curiosity, and I heard it could help me with my stress, anxiety, and mild depression. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. When I was 12 I knew that my sister smoked and I asked her if I could smoke with her (I wanted to smoke bc of movies, I did research and realized it wasn't bad for you) and she was like, "Come back in 3 years."
    So 3 years later I went back and we smoked together.  :smoke:
  3. First time I smoked was in college, because my friends were doing it. Not much effect. Fast forward 20 years, I moved to Michigan, got a mmj card (legit reasons) and found that marijuana was much better than in the 90's! 
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    when i researched that it wasnt bad for you and i wanted to try it at 19 im 21 now and have smoked pot im high right now, smoked and quit cigs and dipping those were terrible im so glad i quit. and i drink beer i used to chug shots like retarded forreal now i just drink maybe 4 or 5 beers at most or maybe 2 or 3 shots of crown.
    Oh and how i found weed was i called a buddy of mine that i knew probably smoked and he did and knew where to get some. hes pretty cool i still chill with him every now and then. man the first time i smoked omg i miss that so much that was forreal the best night of my life.
  5. I'd always liked music influenced by weed, so I felt like I was missing out by not smoking it. I researched it for a long time before partaking, but once I did, it was love at first flight.  :smoke:
  6. my ex gf gave me weed to try i did and fell in love with it but stopped for a while after we ended it i went back on weed and havent stopped...
    not doing it to cover my pain etc but doing it as its makes my days better.. i made good amount of friends and my confidence has gone higher
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    I was in 6th grade with my friends, two in 8th grade, two in 7th grade, one of my 8th grade friends had it and me, him, and my friend in 7th grade tried it.  I didn't get high that time but the next time I smoked I got lit.
    But curiosity mostly, and the fact that older kids were doing it.
  8. I think it was from all the GMO in my Gerber baby food. That GMO stuff is a real gate way. 
  9. Before I started smoking, I always liked the smell of it (my brother and other friends smoked) and used to just be really curious about it. I tried it because I wanted to see what it felt like. Nothing more, nothing less. 
  10. It was probably around 6th grade and we always had those assemblies telling us how bad it is. After one I decided to do some research and ask some people about it. Found out I had been lied to. Bought a 20 from my older buddy and he smoked me out. The end Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. Curiosity. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  12. I was actually extremely against all drug use for a while in my teens (I was just ignorant and didn't know kids who did anything for a while) but later on in high school I started meeting and chilling with people who did. One night, we were driving back from somewhere, and they asked if they could hotbox my car. So I figured why not I'm gonna be a good guy and let them have a fun ass night. Well the car got so smoky that I eventually started to feel high. Someone who'd never smoked, even secondhandedly, was now encased in a thick cloud of smoke. I got pretty high from just being in the car, I had to pull over and process it at first. But I found that I liked it, and that it definitely wasnt as crazy or risky as I thought, and I started to smoke for myself. Fast forward over a year later and here I am, I smoke a lot more now and looking back on a lot of those situations is pretty laughable. 
  13. and was it???

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  14. Peer pressure. But it was my own choice my friends had been smoking for around a year or two and I've been around them multiple times and finally decided I wanna see what all the fuss is about. These guys were mature and knew what they were doing so luckily I started out right. I honestly believe that if the person who teaches you how to smoke the first time is an idiot that person turns out the same way. By that I mean carelessness and avoiding getting In trouble where it's not legalSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    [quote name="Bleeze" post="19381204" timestamp="1390333436"]and was it???Sent from my GT-S5830L using Grasscity Forum mobile app[/quote]Hell yeah lol. Still smoke every day I can a year and a half later.
  16. i tried weed brownies a couple of times just because they were offered to me, i was kinda scared to smoke. after a really bad break up my boy was high as fuck and i was like bro you mind lettin me try it? my sister had given me a bong... so fuck it got high as shit loved it and it's been a love affair since then.
  17. Back in junior high my good buddy invited me to his house to toke up with his brother who's a few years older. Didn't smoke much until a year or so after that, at which point I started smoking everyday. 
  18. went to see my "unmentionables" dealer and he was packing an acrylic bong and asked if i wanted a toke.
    he had to show me how to operate the slide and i haven't really looked back since.
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  20. I'd been exposed to it once or twice before but turned it down, but the people who offered it to me were older/super cool dudes who usually used a helix. I started drinking a little after that, but being there's an age restriction on that, one night we couldn't find any, and my friend was like "I know someone who can get us a G" so we got it hah.
    My music appreciation grew and since my tastes moved to bands like Animal Collective, the Beatles, other psych bands, I quickly moved on to the drugs that they were preaching about hah. MJ is still my trusty sidekick though.

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