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What Made You Try Smoking Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheTrillest, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. I grew up knowing this real shady motherfucker. Always stealin shit, running into the law, etc. 
    He told me he smokes weed and told me all about it. I was curious for a while and when the opportunity came I toked. That opportunity came around at the age of 12, way too young if you ask me

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    my first time was pretty unique compared to most i tried it by myself i stole a little from my mom and i knew where she kept like 2 old pipes so i grabbed one and ran out into the woods and smoked my first bowl i was stoned as fuck by the time i got home and my mom said she was making tacos haha i ate like 4 or 5 of em lol
  3. The devil made me do it
  4. found my dads bong 8th grade year and smoked it never stopped since haha
  5. Bob Dylan and led zeppelin
  6. It was the year I expirmented with everything. Sex, unmentionables, alchohol, Crimes, cigs(nasty) haha everything Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. It started when I move to a new school and I made some new friends. I knew they smoked weed and back then I was a clean person. Parents and schools always tellin me don't do drugs..My friend bought a 1 gram and I join the rest of my friends after school. I didn't got high tho but that's when I started smoking..I was more curious to feel something never felt before, wanted to understand what's so good about being high,lol 
  8. [quote name="frr" post="19372856" timestamp="1390196831"]It was the year I expirmented with everything. Sex, unmentionables, alchohol, Crimes, cigs(nasty) haha everything Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app[/quote] lol that was me last year. Good stuff. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. from a stoner town, and i'm curious as hell. it also helped that the person who introduced me was a major babe ;)
  10. Peer pressure. Lol. Its ironic though 'cause before I was so into the concept of 'say no to drugs.' High school man...
  11. My friend had me smell a bong and I loved the smell for some reason. I refused. Well I went home found a hook up and got a gram. Many great moments have happened since then.
  12. Pretty much straight up curiosity for me. I just never saw much wrong with it. I started a lot later than most people, not trying it til I was 19. Before that, I had tried moon cake and lean back in 09 when I was 16.
  13. curiosity, and friends were starting to try too
  14. I thought myself as a really chill dude so I wanted to chill more, also Tenacious D
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    Curiosity gave into peer pressure after being around it for about a year while my friends tried it. One day I went to a concert and smoked a joint before hand. From then on I've been in love with mary.
    EDIT: Though, ironically enough, the first time I ever decided I wanted to try marijuana was in DARE class. I was amazed that there was a plant that you could smoke and it makes you feel good I wanted to try it as soon as I learned about it. That was like 5th grade very early middle school.
  16. idk, i wanted to smoke weed since i knew what it is and when i first tryed it i knew i would smoke again :laughing:
  17. Peer pressure and I already knew it wasn't very dangerous. 
  18. friends were doing it so i did it too. that was only a one off though, what made me start smoking regularly was my bro who gave me the 'drug talk' which was fairly pro drugs.
  19. I'm a bit new here, but I've been smoking for a few years. I was raised around it, my dad was the one that gave me a lesson on how to break it down when I was about 5 haha. I didn't actually smoke until I was 16 and had a nice fat bowl to myself and watched White Chicks.Sent from my LG-VM696 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  20. I was at a party and a group of people I kind of knew were hitting a bong. One saw me, he made room on the couch, gestured to it and the rest is history. I was always curious about it so when the situation came up I just took it. 

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