What made you start smoking?

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  1. Quite simple, what made you decide to try marijuana, or what made you want to start? Also if you remember when that would be great!

    For me, it was the movie Super High Me, it's similiar to supersize me but its about smoking pot for 30 days straight. I started last summer.
  2. Depression at first cuz my mom died and it helped me get over it but now I just do it cuz I like it lol
  3. I started a new job back in September and I saw my boss with some co-workers hotboxing in the parking lot. One of them rolled down the window and asked me if I smoked. I said yeah and joined them. Best day of my life, haha.
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    A free jib and a court date.
    Smoked by my self the first time, and it stays that way.
    Edit: Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who smoked for the first time alone.
    I remember wondering "what end do i light? Do I light it for a long time or just a quick flash?"
    Ah good noobie times.
  5. I was 7 and my cousin was like you want to do a bong rip I said yes
  6. Peer pressure.
  7. All my friends started smoking, but I don't think that this was the reason that I started, just to fit in. I think I started burning because I always felt that I have a diferent perception on life than majority of people, and several close characters that already smoked marijuana shared this perception. WHen I started smoking, I developed an even broader concept of my life, and I liked it. Then as I started smoknig more and more, I realized that it has become a large part of my lfie and who I am. I am verry glad Istarted smoking, because it makes me who I am today!
  8. ...the joint was passed to me. The rest is history
  9. Wayyyyy back, I was chillin at my friends who smoked a few times, I never had. He asked if I wanted to go smoke all night at this kids house with a buncha people and I just went. Been smokin since then :smoke:
  10. i started blazin herbs, cause deep down, thats what i new i wanted to do.
    i wanted to get high, and i did
    i was born to burn ganja.
  11. I used to be against weed, but all my friends did it.
    then one day one of them was like " how do you know you hate weed, if you've never been high." I struggled to answer him, but I knew I really didn't have an answer.
    so I tell him the next time they get some bud, I'll try it.
    tried it, loved it, haven't turned back.:smoke:
  12. i smoked a little when i was in high school

    didnt smoke at all afterwards and went to college and worked for years and never thought of it

    got seriously ill and investigated it for my condition which i find helps with the side effects of the meds but only after the doctors nearly killed me twice and i lost faith in their bullshit
  13. 7? I started some shit early but damn.

  14. It's funny, people would call that peer pressure, that's not peer pressure, it's the truth for at least 70% of the anti-marijuana population, they've never tried it but they hate it anyway cause it's "morally" wrong.

    I tried bud when I was 12 with my step brother, he tested me pretty much to see if I was the "deep" individual he thought I was, which is why he let me toke that day, cause he felt it was meant for me as it was meant for him. May sound pretty dumb, but it brought us together and toked together for a few years since then. I remember one of his questions was "Why do you want to try smoking?" I childishly replied "I just want to explore my mind!" :smoke:
  15. Someone offered me weed and I said hell yeah!

    Nah but really...I'd always been interested in it since the beginning. I'd always known that weed wouldn't kill me, so why the fuck not? :smoke:
  16. When I was much younger I was into alcohol and tobacco. I figured I wanted something less harmful and dangerous and cheaper. Weed proved itself to be more fun, less harmful, and cheaper. Kicked the others to the curb, Mary Jane is my only love.

    But I was exposed to it through friends. Ah, high school...
  17. Your not. I did too. Well kinda. The first time I smoked was with some neigborhood kids who I didnt really know. They let me hit their pipe, and since I didnt know or hang out with them I went home and spent most of the high at home alone. So I guess I didnt smoke alone my first time but I wasn't with people I knew and I spent most of the high alone, so maybe that counts as 3/4 alone the first time, lol. One thing I have learned is that there is nothing you are the only person to do. No matter how sure you are that you are the only person to . . . , I guarantee you someone else has done it.
  18. the weed was much better years ago i will tell you and much cheaper

    i remember buying quarters for $15 of stuff that was way better than all this stuff they sell now
  19. I was trying to prove that it wouldnt effect me much, and that hella people act wayyy more fucked up than than they really are. And boy was I wrong... after about 10 minutes I was having the craziest high, more of a trip, epic night.

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