what looks like white fluff on main cola(spelling)

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  1. ok guys, been flushing ten plants for two weeks now, three days til harvest. my problem is this, one of them has turned a really orange brown colour about the top third of the main cola with what looks like white fluff in around the bud, really doesnt look healthy campared to the other nine, by the way the rest of her looks great jus the top third, any comments welcome
  2. any pics?

    maybe mold.. maybe spider mite webbing?

    hard to answer without some pics..
  3. I'm leaning towards mold. what humidity do you have in this room? Is this plant in a specific problem area?( close to a humidifier or something of the kind? open water jugs in that area?).
    How clean is your environment?
    What kind of intake do you have? (Is it filtered air)?

  4. 1 of the 2 for sure. rh? if its mold u better get a dehumidifier in there asap. if its mites get a few no pest strips at lowes....

    if its mold. that bud is no good to smoke. if its web from mites its ok, but ild try to remove the mites w/water and a sprayer then pick off webs. you stuck w/eggs if its mites.

    peace and gl
  5. think its mold guys, nearly sure there's no spider mites in the country I live, the top of her smells like hay, i've jus cut the top of her off in an attempt to save her, (only another two days til harvest), the rest of her is perfect, same as my other nine babies, hope I did right thing cutting her. cant understand why she went like that and the others are fine
  6. 2 weeks... way too much flushing.
  7. how long should you flush for
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    Once in the last 7-10 days before harvest. Or three days before harvest if you feed them up to that point and use Final Flush. There are other methods but flushing them daily for two weeks isn't part of any plan I have read or seen in a video.

    The roots are probably starved for O2. You could try watering them after they dry out with plain pH adjusted water and H202. Note I said water them, not flush them.

    The one plant you described sounds like it's done though. The others may already be rotting from the inside out.

    Good luck man.
  9. wats the difference in flushing to watring. when I said I'd been flushing for two weeks I jus meant watering without nutes for two weeks, is that not what flushing is guys
  10. My understanding of flushing is to feed them just plain water in the same intervals you would normally feed, in the last two weeks before harvest.

    Generally, the first couple of waters should be pretty heavy, but then the last two in the last week should just be a normal watering.

    This year I am flushing with molasses. I will add a tablespoon to every gallon of water used in flushing. It is supposed to give the plants the necessary carbs the plants need to flower and to also give them a more pleasant taste.(OldPork method)

    You may want to just stick to the straight water method this year since you have already begun. If you feel the plants may be rotting definitely cut back on the frequency in which you are watering, and the amount.

    You said you harvest in about 3 days, I can't imagine much more going wrong from here. Best of luck.
  11. love2smoke
    When you say you're flushing before harvest I envision flushing the pots until 3 times their volume in water is collected in a larger container. That's the definition of flushing.

    If your just watering your plants, then you're just watering your plants... it doesn't matter if you have nutes in the water or not. Watering is watering, and flushing is flushing.

    Flushing implies no nutes, but watering doesn't.

  12. Starches turn to sugar so in theory wouldn't make the "harvest" dry slower?... The taste and smell change is from (obviously) the molasses. Not knocking on it though, I wish to try that sometime!

    Flushing implies flushing to me lol... just getting rid of the excess nutrients and minerals in your pot to when you dry/cure, its all the plant, not some harsh smoke. I usually start flushing 7 days before harvest. The first four days into it I add orange concetrate to my water, and finish out the rest with nothing but str8 water!!

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