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What local schwag here looks like

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by insanedank, May 20, 2010.

  1. This is a recent pickup of mine. The herb is good. Has a fresh cut grass smell to it. Has quite a bit of seeds but mature trichomes can be seen. There are also quite a few red hairs on these buds. Dont know what strain but the high is very heavy and medical. The bud does have a harsher taste, but from a bong, a bowl and a half you will be blazed. Good dry herb for blunts! Im super blazed and i can function quite well on this stuff. Keep in mind its no dro' its not cured like a good hydro bud. Bottom line 20$ will score you a half of this stuff and lasts me through the week. Ill score 60$ dollar bags of chronic for the ladies :)


  2. Um...ok? Wrong forum dude
  3. Go to recreational something and there should be a pick up thread.
  4. Looks like something I'd pull out of my lawnmowers blades.
  5. why are you posting middies on here
  6. Damn dude......:( dont smoke that shit. make hash from it or edibles. but whatever floats your boat. +rep for posting that shit!
  7. I fail to see why this thread belongs somewhere else.

    Decent mids, good price, smoke what you got.
  8. I also fail to see how this belongs anywhere else. Is this a dank only forum now?
  9. I think the topic may have been moved from another section.
  10. "Ill score 60$ dollar bags of chronic for the ladies"

    Lol yo you should really let the ladies smoke that 20/half and you smoke that 60 chronic by yourself.

    Nice pickup btw.

  11. agreed
  12. thats the funniest fucking shit i have ever heard in my life!!!! good weed for the ladies lol thats the last people im sharing my weed with is ladies. you got it all wrong you SMOKE THE BITCHES WEED not you let her smoke your weed. then you will have a bunch more weed for yourself.
  13. Haha this guy wastes all his dank on chicks and has to smoke this shit. Then goes on to say how it has a medical high... hahahaha. Imagine. Nice try.
  14. Gotta get the ladies to play hello titties with your hookup to get a phatter sack lol
  15. #15 tokinbud420, May 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 20, 2010

    Favorite comment so far.

    Two tags at the bottom are "dirt,dro"

  16. lol momiverson you dont understand dro gets you LAID brother. Plus weed is fairly cheap were im from so its no big deal buying quarts for sixty. Yal act like theres no money in the world shit... Im just being friendly! And this schwag gets you blazed
  17. Why are you being a dick? You can tell by his post that he is new.
    Why not just fucking nicely inform him of the rules?

    If I knew how to rep I would negative rep you.
  18. if i screwed up the system my bad is there anyway to move my forum to the "Crappy weed forum" ? damn my bad peoples
  19. Nah your good bro. It's these other people.
    and I've been spending alot of money on weed lately to. I would rather have like ahuge bag of schwag for 20 dollars that would last me a week than 1g of dank that would get rolled into a blunt and last the night lol.
  20. Looks pretty rough, but thats a good price.

    Thanks for sharing!

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