What liquor for under twenty dollars

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  1. If you have 20 dollars what type of alchohol are you gonna buy for you and four other people.
  2. 30 case of some terrible beer is the usual solution 
  3. A handle of Kirkland Spiced Rum and a pack of smokes.
  4. Bacardi 151 is like 24 here if I remember correctly. Shit hits hard. Otherwise if you're into fruity shit Bacardi wolf berry or black raz is pretty cheap, under 20 but forgot how much exactly. I always get jack d for 26 on the liter but it's not really the best bang-for-buck if your just trying to get wasted.

    Otherwise 30 case of PBR goes for 14 here in MKE

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  5. A big ass jug of barton vodka..cheap as hell and nasty as hell.
  6. A 1.75 liter bottle of bacardi superior.
  7. You can get a handle of cheap vodka for twelve or thirteen bucks. Couple more if you want 100 proof. I used to buy Skol by the handle all the time. Did the job, it's a little rough though :laughing:
  8. Get some Mr Boston's vodka. LOLOL
  9. 30 of mediocre beer.
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    Get some really high gravity craft beers. I have had some 12% - 14% beers that have knocked me on my ass after a bottle or two. I'm bias though because I dislike liquor. :smoking:
    Edit: I just noticed the 4 people part.... so never mind. I could maybe get 2 bottles for under $20, but I only drink quality beers because fuck macro lagers and fuck the macro beer industry!!
  11. Nice mcallum 20year old malt.
    You and you're mates sound like you would appreciate it

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  12. Craft beer FTW!!! Do you brew any yourself?

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  13. i hate cheap booze.. if your going in. id say some vodka with a sweet mix of OJ CRAN
  14. I don't think 16 year Olds know about that yet....

    They haven't graduated from coors lite yet
  15. They do where I live haha. But then again Coors and Bud are pretty shunned by a lot of people here and even the mere mention of macro brands can be a problem for some people :smoking:
    For some reason PBR is an exception to that rule though.
    Not yet but I plan on it. Craft beer is huge where I live and tons of people brew out here. As a broke college student I don't have enough to make the initial investment in equipment but once I graduate and get a job as a civil engineering technician then I will have all the money I need to make brewing a full time hobby.
  16. half gallon of cheap vodka and make some hillbilly lemonaid..make more and get lots of people drunk we always had parties at campgrounds and made it
  17. Get a handle of cheap vodka and a 12 pack of cheap beer to wash the shots down with.

  18. well one of two things... were wither gunna go thata way down the road and go see uncle joe for some moonshine or walka down the other way and see aunt annie for some homebrew

    either way shit will get therious

  19. Fireball... You can get two bottles for like 23 bucks...
  20. Therious

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