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What liqour would go best with tincture?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Joker1121, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. I have a 140 ml flask that I would like to fill with one nights dose + a bit extra of tincture and 4.5 ounces of another liquor that can
    be sipped throughout the evening, and the taste goes well with marijuana.
    Mostly recreational purpose, but medicated to feel good and relaxed. I'm making this tincture special for St. Patrick's day. The fresh bud is going through a seven day water cure.
    This weekend I'll dry it and decarb 240F for 40 minutes. Make tincture and reduce to two ounces. I'll figure out a proper dose and add to a sipping liquor in the flask. Before reducing I'll winterize to get rid of the plant oils- the water cure gets rid of the chlorophyll. I have a choice of whiskey, a liquor like Grand Marnier, tequila, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Moonshine, or more Everclear, anything. What type of sipping liquor would you choose? This is gonna be fun- filling that little flask and taking hits all night. Logically, I guess it should be an Irish Whiskey, do you think?
  2. Go with a brandy, many flavored ones or just an Irish brandy
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  3. Joker
    Just be careful That Tincture can knock one for a loop
    Make sure anyone who takes a hit off the flask knows what is ion it.
    You may want to ask Sam what dosage to mix
    I have no clue, I use two droppers once and was high for 2 days Dizzy and shit Greenout
    I am not a lite-weight either
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  4. Thanks, STIGGYPOPS, this would only be for me, I wouldn't share with anyone. Maye the first experiment should be at home.
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  5. I was at several functions where a vape or any obvious cannabis products would be looked at sideways.

    I put some GD in about 10 mls of COLD vodka swished it around in my mouth.

    Medicated very nicely avoided having to squirt GD sublingually, overall success.

    Be aware that mixing GD into many liquids makes a cloudy mess of your vodka.

    Test out taste, color and dose from home. Better safe than sorry.
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  6. Joker you are only doing small flask correct?
    I would do a few small trial runs like SMF suggests before doing a large bottle of it.
    Tincture can be amazingly powerful so take it slow.
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