What line of nutes would you suggest?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jang707, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hey guys i am planning my first medical (legal) grow. I have a 24 site CAP ebb n gro system and i will be running 3 1000 w vented hoods on light movers. I have R.O. water, so the ppm is not an issue... I was thinking about using botanicares PRO line, but i would like to hear your suggestions, as well as suggestions for the optional nutrients as well. Thanks!
  2. I am looking at using Fox Farm Ocean forest as a medium and the Big Bloom as a supplement. Anyone have any opinions on these?
  3. love the botanicare products. have used for years. liquid karma, sweet, hydroplex, cal mag....gooooood stuff; i use pure blend pro in coco....never an issue, nice harvests, excellent flavors
  4. OK if I use botanicare should I follow their feeding charts exactly?
  5. i use coco; i follow the chart almost exactly...great results
    i'd recommend the unflavored sweet
  6. Botanicare
  7. sweet guys, i think im gonna stick with my original plan, and go with the botanicare pro... thanks!
  8. Hopefully i'm not too late to the party, though it seems like you might be going with your initial gut decision.

    Personally, I've been using Advanced Nutrients for a few years and I've been really happy with them.

    Sensi Grow A&B
    Sensi Bloom A&B
    Voodoo Juice
    Big Bud

    For a little while longer I'm using Piranha, Bud Candy, and Final Phase, but during the winter, I tend to simplify things a bit so I can hibernate and take a bit of a break. And try some of the harvest results to make sure they're okay. Ha ha.....

    No matter what you end up using, best of luck to you - and HAVE FUN!

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