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  1. Hi about to start my first stealth grow, i have only ever grown outside before so please forgive my ignorance.

    My box is 3fx3f and 5f tall.

    The lights im looking at are these:

    [SIZE=-1]Kit 125w 2700k GES Fluro Mini Shade, this outputs a red light like HPS.


    How would this light perform on its own? would this be viable or would i also need the HID light to go with it.

    My other option is

    [SIZE=-1]Kit 400w HPS Mini Shade Lucagrow Lamp


    The reason i was looking at the low wattage lights is because i thought 400w was overkill in my small space, now im not so sure.

    What difference in yield can i expect from the 2 different set ups? and how much will the 400w add to my monthly bill?

    Beans selected are sensi star, ive seen great things achieved with this strain indoor when i lived in the UK a few years back.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Definitely not that 125w CFL for 9 sq ft. The 400w is a good match for the size of your box, but I would steer you to htgsupply-dot-com, they have a 400w light kit for less money that comes with both HPS and MH conversion bulbs, a much better deal. Just make sure you have a good plan for managing the heat of a 400w HID in your space.
  3. Good advice as usual toasty. You defiantely want to go w/ the 400 kit if you want to get good results.

    I'm not sure where you are at, but in my region of the the US, a 400 w HPS along w/ some T-5's for my veg/clone chamber run me about $17/ month on electric.

  4. Nice, thanks for the quick informed response.

    Website no good for me as im in New Zealand. (probably should of mentioned that) But will certainly shop around to see if one of the other chains carry a light with MH.

    How much difference will the MH bulb give me in terms of yield and quality?

    I just have a couple more questions:

    All past grows i have witnessed used a hydro set up and my friends in the UK swear by this, but alot of people online seem to prefer soil. Now im leaning more towards soil because my flat is small and i think the water fall sound would be annoy me (and my girlfriend more so who isnt entily supportive of the whole idea). How much will the results vary if i put all my care and reseach into a soil grow?

    Lastly, with my 400w in place in above closit, should i go with SOG or 1 big plant?

    thanks again

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