What lights should I buy with a 300$ budget?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Lethargic, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,

    I was wondering what lights you would suggest buying with a 300$ budget.
    Is the UFO LED the best bet as I see them going for under 199$ now.

    I appreciate the help,
  2. 150w hps supplemented with 42w cfls,
  3. Depends on how big your grow area is...how many plants you want...
  4. Check out htgsupply.com they have some cheaper lights, if you can go for the digital ones
  5. I bought a NEW 400w MH with ballast, bulb and fixture on eBay a few months ago with free shipping for around $84! You might try there :)

    Hi all, first post. Been lurking quite awhile though. LOVE the LST thread I read today!!! :wave:
  6. I would check craigslist, I've seen 1000w lights for under $300
    Thats where I find all my grow equipment
  7. Appreciate the help guys!

    I was looking for a light to support about 5-6 plants..

    HPS light work from start to finish or should I buy both a HPS and a MH ?
  8. If you have a HPS you can buy a Metal Halide "Conversion" bulb I believe they're called, then you can use it with the same light structure just different bulb :) I recommend eBay for bulbs but htgsupply.com for the actual fixture.
  9. Are you on a $300 budget to buy just the light bulbs or for the entire grow. If your on a $300 budget for the entire duration of the grow, I would go with CFL's because you need to keep in mind that you have to pay for electricity to run all the bulbs and fans, plus all the other things you need to buy (grow medium, soil, ferts etc).
  10. DO NOT BUY LED'S!!!You can get the same performance out of CFL's and for a fraction of the cost. Buy hps all the way!!!
  11. I'm not a big bargain hunter....like new stuff (2) 75 watt hps at 70$/ea and (1) 150 watt hps at 89$....Lowes hardware.

    Wish now I'd gotten (2) of the 150s...300 watts for 180$ rather than 300 watts for 230$, my bad.
  12. yeah dude, be careful with LED's...there is someone on another site I read with a grow journal...this guy is one of the MOST knowledgable people I have ever met and he is trying an experimental LED grow right now...that said, this guy spent months researching for the correct kind of light...from what I understand, there are way more companies out there that will sell a crappy light or one that doesn't provide the light spectrum needed than there are reputable companies with a solid product....now this guy knows his shit, he is doing an EXPERIMENTAL grow with them, AND he says that for him to even find a light to experiment with, he had to drop $500 per light for some good ones...you might want to go with HPS system.....

    the breakdown:

    Plants use blue light for veg and yellow/orange/red for flower...

    you can get an MH ballast, which will provide good light for vegging and not that great light for flowering OR you could (should) get an HPS ballast that you can throw a "conversion" bulb into. A cerversion bulb is a bulb that runs off of the hps ballast that provides light in the blue spectrum ...you can use the "conversion" bulb for vegging abd then just get a regular HPS bulb with the red/orange spectrum

    check CRAIGSLIST too...way cheap good stuff there....
  13. 600W HPS Cool-tube . FTW
  14. cap extreme series from discount hydroponics. you can get at least a 400 watt light with a cool tube for 270, it's switchable, and has a LIFETIME warranty. it's magnetic, so you can use ceramic metal halides, metal halides, and hps lights. it comes with a hps bulb too, so you're ready to go right out of the box. it's quiet to boot.
  15. Thats some good advice. I like mine..
    I paid about $240 in store for that exact deal.

    Don't forget,
    the cooltube manual recommends you don't use it without a fan or you might crack the glass.
    Another $100-$130 right there for 4-6" valueline inline, plus ducting ($20 for the nice stuff) and hose clamps. Then maybe a particle filter and a stank filter.

    I could go on and on but you need a few more things to run that. Good option though! You'll be happy when you see it work.
  16. Thanks for all the advice folks..
  17. nah a fan isn't going to run that much, you can get a stanley blower or a lasko blower for 30-50 dollars and rig it up to pull air through it. you need ventilation anyway, just kill two birds with one stone. if you're lost on the stanley blower, just google 'stanley blower mod' and you should find what you're looking for. they're more than efficient enough to cool a 400 watter

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