what light would b better???

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  1. i dont know what to use... cfls or hps... Granpas grow Guide says hps is better but some other threads say cfls n ive been told to use cfls... but not sure how many watts or what light.. im planing for 3-4 plants wichof the too would b better...
  2. I've been tokd to use MH and HPS you'll get better results. Its a little more expensive to run but better in the long run
  3. depends on your budget and setup. If you give a little more info on that i'm sure some of the peeps here will be able to guide you in the right direction.
  4. well im not sure whats the diff between mh and hps??? will useing those rais my electric bill high??? thats my main consern well what wattage should get.. and how much do those set ups cost??
  5. The difference between MH and HPS....MH is a light that puts out the blue spectrum of light which is ideal for veg growth of a plant.HPS puts out the red/orange spectrum that is ideal for flowering the plant.Now,I grew under 3 150w CFL's my first time using hydroponics.Produced alright results.I recentley flowered my blue cheese under a 400w HPS and the results blew my last harvest out of the water.IMO,you could prolly get away with vegging with CFL's but as for flowering,HPS is the only way.You can also get light systems that convert from MH to HPS.I just purchased one myself because I had been growing in someone else's room.I paid $120.00 for the HPS setup which also uses a MH conversion lamp.As far as the electric bill,you only need about 6 or 7 extra bucks a month.Hope this helps.
  6. yes this helps alot i have also seen some 2700 kelvin cfls would those b fine for flowering?? if so how many would i need of the 6500kelvins and 2700 kelvin for veggien flowering
  7. I'm looking to get a 400w MH/HPS system and its gonna cost me about $40 a month to run.
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    If your doing a strictly personal grow id recommend CFLS, And Yes the 2700K are Perfect for flowering I USE These 4 Of Them for 3-4 Plants. I start 7 plants Usually end with 3-4 female plants. Heres a link to my flowering bulbs they are 150 watt replacment bulbs 40-42 actual watts depending on brand. http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=62579-3-29786&lpage=none They fit into regular light socket. I will give link a little later. Heres a link to my VEGGING BULBS these are 6500K I use 8 Of these for vegging I only do 10 days vegging in my little homebox XS. http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=88959-371-60058&lpage=none I Hope this helps i am subscribed I am also newbie but have done one grow already so a little further ahead. http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?acti...967294&Ntk=i_products&Ntt=medium+base+adapter

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