What light best suites me?

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  1. I hope thats how you spell suites me... anyway, I have a 5ft long by 4ft high by 2ft deep box. I plan on growing 3 plants at a time in 10 gallon pots, I was thinking of scroging them because of the height restriction. Now, should I go with a 250watt hps or mh which would probably be better in the long run, or should I go with a 300 watt t5 6bulb set up?

    I'm worried that the hps would be too hot. I could get a fan for it but i dont really want to have two fans. Idk, what do you guys think is best. Also im using a 170cfm fan with a carbon filter
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    I think the T5 would be your best option - HID lights can get hot real fast, especially after they've been running for hours. MH and HPS light intensity really drops after certain distances (not sure what it is for a 250w, I'll find a chart here in a minute) so a 250w wouldn't cover that area very well. But, with the T5, you'd get much more even light distribution since it'll run over the whole top. You could easily grow three nice plants in that space with a T5.

    EDIT: Here's those light charts

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  3. Thats what I thought, it works out good because I'd probably do a scrog with the hid anyway.

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