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What kinda weed is this and how much is it??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by beastsmack, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. looks like some quality BC bud beasters. Looks to be more than a quarter, dense nuggets, smoke it up!
  2. You pictured three different amounts in each picture. The weed looks pretty decent but i recommend buying a scale to tell the quantity. There's a lot of things that effect the weight ie:density. So its kinda hard to tell by a picture, especially when we don't know which one is the full amount.

    Happy toking :hello:
  3. idk how much it is but it kinda looks like a good sativa i think

    if thats the one with shoter fatter buds

    but how did you get your buddy to give you so much for free lmao (no seriously how???)

  4. haha honestly he didnt wanna smoke it all he got 3 ounces for helping a dude harvest so he hooked me up with some for free and i sold some for him so heh yeah :hello::hello:
  5. you cant talk about selling on these forums but that looks like some nice beasters. 10 a g 200 per oz where im from.
  6. looks like some fire
  7. I'm almost positive that weed is called Sweet God. It's a very common dank in B.C.
    Your pictures match the characteristics of Sweet God almost exactly.
  8. Your lucky, that looks like some high grade fire :smoke:

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