what kinda of lights do i need???

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  1. hey every ok so im new to growing and i have a few questions i have read grandpas grow guide but im still alil confusied... so first ill start with lights.. i dont know what style lights am i to use.. i am going to be useing a 2x3x4 box n not sure how many plants yet...so if i can know what style lights ima be needing..thanks
  2. it sonds like you would want to use cfl's in there although i dont think the box is tall enough to grow a mature plant in
  3. Cool, welcome to growing. You say your grow box will be 2x3x4.. what? Inches? Feet?
    Meters? I'll presume feet for now.. That's gonna be a tight squeeze in there for
    anything more than two plants, even one really. I hope you're planning on growing
    a lowyder strain in there.

    CFL is probably your best bet, especially if you're on a budget. That will eliminate
    about 6" of grow space from the top and maybe the sides, depending on how many
    you want to put in there.

    You can't make that box any bigger eh? There is a certain point where all the time
    and effort and whatnot just won't be worth it due to the small yield you'll be getting
    every three months.

    Best of luck!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
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    the cfl's how many watts each n how many???? and how many kalvins...would it b better to get 6500s? how tall should i build the box??? i am planing to grow forbidden fruit... will it still b to tall?? what size pots should i put them in??? n yes i do mean 2x3x4 feet..
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    Cool man.. thats a nice strain from what I've heard. Doesn't get too big either.

    Well if you're gonna grow a single plant, I'd get five 23W 6500K CFL bulbs and place
    them strategically around the inside of the grow box. I'd also consider using LST to
    maximize the light hitting the colas (LST means Low Stress Training and basically
    entails using string or something to tie branches and leaves into better positions).

    And you are going to need ventilation for that box.. is odor going to be a problem
    for you? If so, I recommend building one of these.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  6. ok i would like to get a couple. 2-3 mayb 4 if i can but dont know how big the box should b.... i have look into the carbon filter n i am gonna go with that...
  7. Well you want about 1.5 square feet of floor space per plant, usually.. I'd say
    if your box is gonna be 4 feet tall, that'd be OK for this strain as long as you do
    LST or SCRoG.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  8. EcoPlus Fluorescent Grow Lamps - Mogul Base 105 Watt i found these 6500k how many of these would i need??? would these work??? 1 more question how big should i build the box to acomodate 4 plants???thanks forthe help..
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    You can most definitely do 4 plants in that space (assuming 2x3x4 feet), I have virtually the same size cab (I'm 2.5x2.5x4) and do 4 happy plants no problem. There are some tips to making this work. And it helps if you have prior growing experience.

    First, pay good attention to air circulation. Because that space will end up packed full of pots, plants, and lights (all of which will obstruct airflow), make sure you have really good-sized intake(s) and exhaust and a strong fan to pull air through.

    Next, use square or rectangular pots. A circular shape does not maximize the root volume for the floor space it takes. I use plastic kitty litter bins, the super-sized (40lb) ones. They also have the benefit of being relatively tall and narrow, again allowing maximum root volume in a small footprint. Added bonus: the have a built-in carry handle. Use 2 per plant, inner and outer. Just drill holes in the bottom of one then put that one inside the other to allow drainage.

    You definitely will want to investigate a training method like LST or scrog. The result is that you will have a dense canopy of buds the entire length and width of the box.

    Keep in mind that you probably will have to pull the pots out of the cab to tend to the plants, they are just too packed in to tend to them properly inside the box. For this reason I find LST much better than scrog for this kind of space.

    Having said all that, if you can handle a larger cab, do make it bigger, more room is better.

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