what kinda car should I get?

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  1. I'm gonna have about 15 grand to spend on just the car. I was thinking of an 03 linccoln ls but then I kinda want something fast, what are some fast cars in the price range that I can hook up? The srt-4 is nice but its just looks to small.
  2. Subaru Impreza, STI, watever they're called...they got a bunch of names for the wrx's
  3. u can get cars imported from japan, the one i'm tryin to get is 6800 after shipping and runs a 13 second quarter mile stock, plus u'd still have 8200 left over for mods or drugs or whatever the hell u want, u could hookup a crotch rocket while ur at it even, only thing is since the car is from japan the driver sits on the right, which would make it even more gangster in my opinion
  4. which isnt allowed in america....(seat on the right thing)

    not many cars you can buy here are 15 grand unless you look into used ones, that are also fast
  5. BMW M3.. for 15g's you can get a 98-99 ish and still have like 5g's to put into it.. they are fast.. i own one..i would never buy anything else other then a bmw now that i own one there quality cars
  6. 89-99 DSM. Eagle Talon TSi, Eclipse GST/GSX, Plymouth Laser RS turbo (AWD)

    1999-2000 Honda Civic Si, 2 door with 160 horses stock, 0-60 ~ 7.5 seconds, put a few bolt ons such as intake, header, exhaust, and maybe even GSR/type R cams and youll be running 0-60 in the mid-high 6 second range.

    94-up Integra GSR/Type R

    95-00 Nissan Maxima 5 speed. many people underestimate them, but they have 3 liter engines that crank out 190hp and has lots of low end torque. a few bolt ons and it will be running with the civic Si mentioned above.
  7. the cost of importing and the shit it has to go through isnt really worth it. if you can afford a SRT-4 you should get it.
  8. As Talon said, Maxima's are a good choice. I have a 2000 SE with 222hp stock... and i'm thinking about beefing it up a little. I got it for under 10k..so you can add 5000 worth of mods (even a supercharger if you do your research)
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    Edit: Which body kit looks better?? i'm leaning towards the first one. BTW, a used BMW w/ high mileage may not be a smart choice... those cars cost a helluva lot of money to repair and insurance is higher.

  9. Get a Camaro SS....will stomp all cars mentioned above

    edit: except for the skyline....didn't notice someone mentioned that....but it you can't find one for less than 30 grand....
  10. 4ction, i like the first one better

    Zidave, good suggestion. The 02 Camaro SS pumps out 325hp
  11. ...and that's stock....throw on headers, exhaust, and intake and your lookin at 350 to 360hp at the wheels.
  12. get a caprice or impala 94-96 ss or 9c1

  13. i also agree with the camaro, not to mention the HUGE aftermarket and its possible the most versitile motor made
  14. i like bodykit 2. id pick a turbo over a supercharger. 1) it gives more power. 2) it gives full boost before redline. 3) it doesent have to use hp to spin like the supercharger does. 4) it runs cooler. 5) better gas mileage since if you dont accelerate hard, the turbo will stop spooling and let your engine run off vacuum. 6) cheaper. 7) sounds better.
  15. that black maxima is clean as skeeters peter...i mean damn

    ok, talon, lets look at the options

    DD w/ speed, the M3 would be a very good option, maybe a certified pre-owned from a Bimmer dealer (to take advantage of the many perks that come with shopping at a dealer)

    Balls to the wall and keep some tuning money... I have to go with my true love

    91-93 Stealth R/T TT AWD, AWS, AA, AE, AS..... w/15k you can buy a NICE Stealth w/low miles (picked up my ES for 4500, w/96k 3 yrs ago...I will always own at least one from now on).... the R/T TT offers the all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, active aero (kicks in 'round 60mph), active exhaust (controlled by driver, theory is sport mode allows better flow by cutting out a cat or pre-cat...don't remember exactly), and active suspension (again, sport mode stiffens shocks for handling) engine is a 3 liter V6 intercooled twin turbo (endless possibilities there once you get into sizes and boost control) DOHC Mitsubeasty! Test drive one, you'll fall in love, promise ;)

    or you could always find a 4wd mitsu mighty max that's in good shape, swap a first gen 'clipse gsx setup and have one hell of a sleeper

    also, a real nice bet would be a certified SRT-4..... laugh all you want, it isn't a neon, browse the net for a yellow srt-4 racing a wrx from a roll...then a 16g turbo TSi...stomps both of 'em and there were 4 of us in the car, including a guy that weighed over 300lbs in the front seat (his name is fathouse)...anyway, that was the first srt-4 in the state where i reside, samelcamel picked it up from FL and drove 'er home, we got the first rides!
  16. go for the bimmer, plus there just great, i remember my bimmer, racing it, getting arrested in it. good times

    oh if you dont like getting arrested, maybe a toyota corolla
  17. id get the TSi, theyre just easy to find parts for. there are so many DSMs that you can take parts off of, and shep rebuilds their trannies in case you ever break yours. the stealth VR4 is nice but too heavy and gas-guzzling for me. insurance on it would be a bitch, and if you fuck up the tranny, its NOT cheap to have it fixed.
  18. yeah im a fan of WRX's. they handel really nice and have alot of acceleration.

    yeah it is. ive driven a skyline. they are completly legit in the states just a pain in the ass sometimes.

    the SRT-4 is a FAST car! my best friend just bought one in replacement of his old maxima. the srt-4 is FAR better then then the max. his maxima was modifed too but the srt-4 is sooo unbealivilby fast. ive driven it. god damn.

    no im sorry. my friend had a maxima and he did his research. he had ALOT of mods but the power to weight ratio is too heavy. supercharging it is close to impossible unless you know someone whos damn good at aluminum welding and can modify the intake manifold.

    im a car buff. its what i do in my spare time. we race.

    i have a mitsu lancer evo VIII. ive dropped a new turbo in it, greddy type s BOV, ACT 6 spring stage 2 street clutch, AEM ballence cams, turbo timer, waste gate auctuator /w boost controller, struts, springs, lowered, and rims/tires. ive invested 40k alltogether (uncluding buying the car) and it can take just about anything out there. ive schooled STi's, srt's, a supra, mustangs, just about anything. ive prolly raced 45 cars with my lancer and ive prolly won about 35 of those races. and out of 35 id say 20 i had a dominating lead.

    sorry for rambling but im into speed and cars/bikes. i also own a yamaha r6 and i plan to trade it for an r1 soon
  19. just because you have ridden in one doesnt make it legit....i smoke weed all the time but that isnt legal

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