what kinda car do ya got?

Discussion in 'General' started by bobzxz, May 27, 2006.

  1. what do you guys drive? im planning on getting an old chevy nova ss if i can find one(for a reasonable price)
  2. I drive a lot of cars. Mainley the '87 cutlass supreme or the '83 burboun.

    But i dont own a car, Nor do i got a license.
  3. i drive a dodge ram 1500 sport
  4. 1995 mercury cougar
  5. I've got an Explorer with 2 tv's and a bumpin system. My favorite ride though is my 2002 gsxr1000! :D
  6. [​IMG]

    I cant get the radio to work for some reason, I gotta take it back to toys r us to fix that.
  7. Hah, car? I wish, maybe when I get back to the working world, I'll buy a car. Right now, I rely on friends to drive me everywhere.

    Although, I do have in mind a vehicle I wish to own:

    A black 1965 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors:

  8. lebowski :p

    Im inheriting a Ford Explorer *2000 I think* from my mom for a few months of work for her and paying her back as long as I pay the insurance. After that I can work on saving for a nice piece of work. Probably a beat up 72 Chevelle for me to strip down and refurb. That will be so much fun.
  9. I own an 86 Chevy S-10 Blazer but it has a major oil leak at the moment so I'm pimping a 93 Lincoln Towncar with no radio, but that bitch is fast and gets good gas mileage for a v8...average of 20mpg. 4.6L v8....same as the mustangs....that bitch'll run
  10. Scion TC, supercharged...thats about it.
  11. A black and white Crown Vic...
  12. I was gonna get a Mercedes within the week since I get a couple grand back from the bank but I'm thinking about saving it so I can get a new BMW at the end of the summer... so, I guess we'll see. Probably opt for the later. I'll post pictures when I get it.
  13. i own: 96 Eagle Talon, 2001 Cavalier, 96 Metro. out of all of em, the metro is the only thing running ATM, because i need to change the headgasket on the cavalier, and the Talon has been used as a donor car for my friends project.

    i also drive my brothers 2000 expedition and my cousins escalade a lot when i dont want to go anywhere where people will see me in a metro lol.
  14. 93 Chevy Silverado....VRRROOOOOM
  15. 1974 bug

    it kicks ass

  16. so why do you have a mishubitshi thing in your sig?
  17. I own a 97 Lexus ES300 and I love it.

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