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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Xavior, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. What the hell is this thing??? I tried to get rid of it and it attacked me like it was a hornet...but it looks a bit too shiny to be one.

    I think during our battle I managed to cripple one of its legs, and its not hanging around my plant any longer.

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  2. It's a mud wasp won't harm your plant. It might actually help if you have a mite or whitefly infestation. I know they eat and store small spiders and insects like that.
  3. Wasps sting dont they?

  4. i think they bite....
  5. It's possible u could get stung but it would only be in self-defense. The Mud wasp saves it stinging to overcome it's prey(spiders).
  6. I call those things horse flys and yes they bite like a little beotch be carefull
  7. 1000w Euro-Vac vs Mud Wasp:
    Xavior - 1
    Wasp - 0
  8. LOL LOL LOL:)

  9. LOL!!
  10. kick that bitch's ass!!! yeaaaahhh!!!
  11. thats fucked up man...hehe

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