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what kinda bud do u prefer 2 (poll/discussion))

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, May 24, 2002.

  1. This would be a poll but there simply aint enough space with only 10 options so... you'll just have to think up the answers yourselves. No multiple choice sorry.

    I got inspired to do this post because of another poll concerning itself with loose terminology wich seems to becoming increasingly popular on this site. Are we getting loads of yahookans migrating or what???


    What is your favourite smoking matter? Feel free to mention whether sativa/indica/ruderalis(would anyone choose ruderali?), whether it was grown naturally or hydro, or other... but most specifically the answer i really want to hear is the name the breeder has given the strain.

    My Fave bud,

    Sativa 80% Indica 20%
    enough of a 'sativish' uplifting high, but also enough of a heavy indica to be able to get totally cained.
    needs to have the sweetest taste. it would detract from the whole smoking pleasure if u had a really powerful stone from the most disgusting tasting weed. Grows well, clones well, smells nice etc etc... all that shit

    Closest thing i've had to the perfect smoke...


    I'm sure i've rattled on about this before... and seem to rattle on about it every time i get a good smoke. still none have compaired... not even NL5, Purple haze, NL crossed with Purple haze, orange bud, white widow (although that was some well nice heavy shit), and at least half a dozen other quality strains.

    And may I just say... what a patient person u are, reading through all my ramblings about my favourite weed in the hope that it will spark of some huge debate about the perfect strain of weed.

    anyways... my internet connection aint cheap these days... so i shall leave, to return in a few days with hope that my thread has stayed around with much input from those who have smoked their fair share of kilos of quality ganja! :)

    --Digit leaves, clicking on the submit new thread as he realises this was not the short post he had intended it to be.--
  2. I feel the same way about my buds..Have you ever tried something called skunk coltrane?? or billy holiday?

    Well lets get some reply's....PEACE

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