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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Smoked_&_Bandit, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. i need to know what kind of weed this is

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  2. its called Headache.......cus it gives u headaches.......
  3. Looks like Mexican shitweed.

  4. Mech/Schwag/Dirt shit <--- Any of those three match that weed.

  5. garbage kind
  6. how much did u pay for that crap
  7. looks bad, looks like all the shit you have left after picking the buds
  8. My friend had some shit like that. It turned out to be really good, even though it was hardly green and had almost no smell.

    Never judge weed by how it looks.

  9. How the hell else are we supposed to
    judge it over the internet? :)
  10. Hahaha that weed looks shitty, and ppl have said this like 4 million times YOU CANT TELL THE STRAIN OF MARIJUANA JUST BY LOOKING AT IT.
  11. looks like normal stress too me, that bud at some point looks like a normal bud. Just by transportation it got all compress..

    most stress do give a great high....
  12. that's called tiedstick.
  13. all that eneds to be said, is "grind and clean that shit up, and roll some jays"

    or take some bong loads of the cleaned herbage..

    it looks like some ncie mids to me.
  14. I'm not trying to hate on anyones trees or anything, but honestly, that looks like it was pulled out of a lawnmower bag.
  15. ^^haha that was great

    anyways...you must understand....herb is not like fruit, where you have your florida oranges and shit....you can't tell. unless it's something like northern lights, people can't just be like "oh yeah, that bud's from california". you really need to ask your dealer/ grower if you want to know what strain it is.

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