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Discussion in 'General' started by Oh Well Whatever, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. I don't understand this Justin Bieber shit, but he'll lose all his popularity in a year or two, just like N'Sync and all those bands in the late 90's. It's just the fad of the decade, it'll pass.

    I'm hoping metal makes a comeback into mainstream this decade, getting tired of the hip-hop and gangsta rap bullshit.
  2. The only time I'm ever made aware of Bieber's existence is when people are hating on him.
  3. hes a cutie..if i was 14 id be having wet dreams bout him
  4. how's he going to explain to his kids why he has a little boy on his thigh in 10 years when Beibs dissapears?

  5. Ha ha ha ha What was he thinking?
  6. Damn and I thought Gucci Mane's ice cream cone on his face was bad.
  7. maybe he wants 14yo girls to make out with his thigh

    and then ya know... whip out his dick and slap em in the face
  8. I wonder what the artists facial expression was when he told him he wanted beiber on his thigh Ha ha ha Man that is hilarious. Probably why he got it
  9. I fucking hate that kid, I can't believe hes going to be a big celebrity. If i could change one thing in the course of history it would be a forced abortion on that kids mom.
  10. Ha ha ha You say that like it's normal ha ha
  11. ......what did you say about N'Sync......????? :cry:
  12. Is going to be? You mean currently? You can't listen to the radio without hearing about him. The world would be a better place without him
  13. What I still find more annoying is that the Glee albums being in the charts and the Glee Cast got nominated for a grammy:(

    The mainstream of the entertainment industry blows.

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