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what kind of weed is this?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dr dre, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. can anyone figure out what strain of weed this is?


    i came to seasoned tokers for a reason: you guys know your shit

    -fruity smelling
    -not super dank(mids probly)
    -a bit stemmy

    thats 1.7 i got for $20 and btw i havent sampled it yet
  2. Dude, you cannot tell what strain it is by looking at it.
  3. If it's just mids, then I doubt the strain has a name.
  4. i doubt it even has a name
    names dont matter anyways
  5. Its called Stickawismus. Remember that. Its gonna be on the quiz tomorrow.
  6. Just looks like some decent mids.
  7. You can't tell a strain from looking at a picture, but I'd say it looks like some "higher grade" mids
  8. yup, exactly. im tired of all these post, because it just ends up being pages of user speculation. you are never going to know for sure unless you meet the grower.
  9. sounds to me like you paid double for a ten sac lol
  10. its called the scrum-diddly-umptios scrutinizer
  11. it's the marijuana kind you smoke
  12. I believe that's some Red Afghani Haze of Kush.
  13. its purple weed fo sho
  14. that shit aint mids.
    looks like some white widow.

    oh, and this thread topic is stupid. sorry.
  15. AAA weed or beasters
  16. It looks like Super Dandelion #5. YOU GOT DANKITY DANK BRO!!!!

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