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What Kind Of Weed Is This?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SSNYC, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hey, so I picked up an eighth of this stuff and from what I've smoked of it, it's pretty bad weed. It has a chemical taste to it and kind of makes my mouth numb. It tastes like sh*t and burns really poorly. The thing is, it looks decent, lots of crystals. Anyone ever gotten stuff that looked like this? How good do you think this is by looking at the pictures?
    By the way, sorry for the quality, took the photos with my phone.

  2. It looks decent to me, no telling what stain it is though. Looks dank enough.
  3. That looks like some dank weed.
    Y'all really think so? I don't know. I feel like I may be spoiled because if this is dank, than I smoke top-tier shit on a regular basis.
  5. Dank weed should be expected when you're buying. But yeah, nothing looks wrong with it, just looks like your average dank weed. Still not sure on why it would taste funny though, that's odd..
  6. As do we all?

    I'm sure most of us on here smoked dank and only dank.
  7. That sounded kind of rude, not trying to show off, maybe the pictures make it look a little better than it is.
  8. What?

    I'm not being rude, sorry if I came off that way I'm just saying that most of us on here only smoke dank.

    You said you smoke top tier shit on a regular basis. I'm saying most of the rest of us do too.
  9. Definitely dank. Looks like low quality medical or high quality average dank
  10. Oh for cryin out loud anyone can tell from the pic that it's durban poison. Can't you tell from just looking at it?
  11. LOL^^

  12. describe the smell.
    What kind of high did it give you?
    hoe much did you smoke?
  13. Oh, hahaha. Sorry man, I'm saying I sounded rude when I made that comment.
  14. Smoked a joint and 2-3 bowls. Smells skunky as all hell, and it was a really chilled out, calm high.
  15. Oh gotcha. no worries. it happens. 
  16. I was actually told it was "throw-out medical" by the person I bought from, but I've stopped believing what strain I'm told I'm buying.
  17. Yea, most of it is made up if not from a medical state.
  18. Usually when weed has a chemical taste that means that who ever grew it didn't flush it out before they harvested it. At least that's what I've always been told.
  19. Yeah, I feel you dude. My state is medical so maybe it really is low-qual. medical.
  20. Looks like some super afghan banana kush to me

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