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What kind of weed do ya'll buy???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, May 25, 2003.

  1. I personally almost always buy dro and once in a blue moon i'll pick up a 20 sack of regs. I live in houston so theres an abundance of dro, regs, and schwag but me and my friends like to buy dro. We usually buy 1/8's from 40-60 bucks depending on what it is. We picked up some homegrown dro for 45 bucks last night... it was damn good. The week before we picked up some Aculpuco Gold for 60, man that shit was GOLD and tasty. But what kind of weed do you guys/girls?
  2. as far as i'm aware dro, is just a method of growing weed....not a type itself.......unless it diffrent over there?.......Peace out.......Sid
  3. no sid... i have boughten dro before..... but my dealer usually lets me pick which one i want.... i usually get chronic cus thats my fav... and purple haze....:)
  4. Thats what my dealers call it... even if it isnt really grown hydroponically its all A LOT better than the regs that i could get. But when you pay 15 for a gram, you are getting dro here in houston.
  5. I used to buy only shwag because i preferred quantity over quality cuz i love to roll/smoke blunts and joints. but you can roll blunts with nugs too, now i buy nugs cuz they are tasty and the high is better. and its nice for when you dont have a lot of time for tokin because a few hits and im ready to go.

  6. yeah dro is in hydroponics growing indoors usig water or some shit, but i have also heard alot of people just use it as a differant name for good danks buds, but i always thought chronic just meant really dank bud
  7. i buy alot of shit youd see at the canibus cups. Alot of the weed i get comes from the medical marijuana clinics in california, let me tell you, those sick people be smokin some CRRRRRRAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYY weed. I guess you got to though if you got something like cancer.
  8. hydro, outdoor... homegrown, imported... indica, sativa...

    it matters not ... just as long as it is the most primium bud available. ;)

    i dont buy hash over here in the UK anymore... its just not worth it. that shit is SHIT.
  9. I usually try to get the best shit in town, which would be some top of the line schwags...... No one here sells dro unless its brought in..
  10. people here say "we got dro" and try to sell it for like $25 a gram... because the people around here are un-informed and think that "dro" is better than the dank they can get for $15 a gram, LOL... little do they know it's really the same thing... just different ways of growing it :D

  11. HAH! Finally someone else who calls it by its real name, Nugs. Nuggets can erally vary. Some people call nuggets dro... but actually, what you call Dro is closer to Fif (Fifty a quarter, middi's, whatever u wanna call it) but Nuggets.. good ones like i always get (always same guy) are SO BOMB. But... i have to say Middi's are super good too, and ill tell you why.

    Nuggets are 20 a gram (normally, lately for me to but i usually get em for 15 a gram) and give u a really uplifted high. Now a couch high. And it lasts for a good length of time.

    Middis are sold for 10 a gram and sometimes i can get em for schwag prices. I think i like Middi's better because they have a more heavy feeling high, its also really creative sort of high like nuggets are. But when u can get an 1/8 for 25 dollars, and a quarter for 50, (altho i wouldnt pay more than 40 for a quarter of middis) its in my opinion the better deal.

  12. the feeling of your high that you're talking about has nothing to do with if it's mids or nugs, its only has to do with if the weed is indica or sativa. most of the time the best nugs i get are mostly indica, which give me a couchlock type of high.
  13. In the last year there has been the craziest nugs in toronto: crazy B.C. hyrdo and alot of white widow, northern lights and ice. Some crazy B.C. breeder decided to breed white widow, purple haze and white rhino.... now there is ice, and for $40 canadian for a 1/8.... ice is like looking at a ball of snow... ive been getting pretty stoned. Thank god for those mad growers in B.C.!
  14. Around here (beachside, Cape Canaveral area) we usually get the locally grown beachside greens (cryp). They are from around West Palm Beach, FL and they have well developed hairs and a very green (almost neon) color. One bowl is enough to get me ripped enough to not need to smoke any more. Usually get that with a pretty fat hookup...about $45 for a 3.7g eighth. Every so often my bro hooks me up with different sorts of haze (white, orange, purple) all of which (though I like the purps the best) give you an incredible high and conserve really well. I don't get hooked up as well but that's how it goes. :)

  15. Dro refers to the way the weed is grown. It's not an actual stain of marijuana. :) Tip of the day for you!!

  16. No different here mate. :) Some things are just universal I guess you could say!!
  17. i just buy mids for $50 a quater, whenever someone tells me they have dank its always worse than what i get so i dont really go looking for new hook ups, they're always shady, but i've known this guy for 4 years, and hes alway had mids. so i just stick to him.
  18. unfortunatly by dad got AIDS several years ago while working as a fireman he was handeling a a dude that just blew his brains out.. and i guess the guy had AIDS too.. and some how some blood poured onto my dad, and he has Psoriasis(a skin conditions producing open sores on the skin) so it was transmitted that he gets medicinal marijuana that his doctor prescribes, and also goes to cannabis clubs so we usually smoke that stuff together, and when im on my own i usually buy high quality buds because i've kind of grown VERY fond of them

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