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What kind of weed did i smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by damage420, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I been smoking for about 5 years, but i remember buying 2 dimes from my dealer back in high school.
    And this weed was the best weed ive had by far and i live in cali so ive tried it all, the main effects it had was it made me laugh for about 1-2 hours straight uncontrollably. Another effect i remember was i would completely black out,

    example: I took 2 small hits in a pencap before school started, 1 minute i was talking to a friend in school before class started, the bell rang for class to start, and i blink, and im walking into my 1st period classroom which completely tripped me out, i was a pretty long distance away from my class, i couldnt remember how i got there and i asked my friend next to me and he looked at me like i was crazy. I blacked out for about 1min.
    I remember putting my head down for the whole class period cause i couldnt stop laughing and tripping out.

    I want to know what the hell i smoked, cause that was the best weed i had in my life. I already had been smoking for about 2 years when i bought the weed so it wasnt cause i was a newbie at smoking.

    I remember the dealer said it was trainwreck when i bought it, i remember examining the weed real good cause i thought it was laced but it just looked like some real good kush i didnt notice anything out of the ordinary, and after i smoked the 2 dimes i went back for more but he had a new strain and it didnt have the same effects.

    Ive been hoping to run into this type of weed again with the same effects but i havn't. Does anyone know what i smoked, maybe it was laced, im sure someone knows something. Looking forward to some answers. Thanks.
  2. Weed is weed. You can't just actively search for something like that. The blacking out could be attributed to smoking out of plastic..

  3. I agree weed is weed, but the weed im talking about was better then all the weed ive had. Ive smoked weed that gave me the giggles and some others that were very intense but never any weed that made me laugh uncontrollabelly for no reason and black out and got me high as fuck.
    And no it wasnt the plastic, i also smoked the weed in an apple, metal pipe, and glass pipe, the 2 dimes lasted me a good week. I smoked my cousin out with a good sized nug as well, and he got the same effects, he also agrees with me that it was the best weed he has had by far..
  4. It was probably a good batch of trainwreck. Does the same thing to me
  5. The same thing just happened to me. Literally. I rolled up a blunt of Train Wreck and Purple Crack together, and I blinked and was in my bed but don't remember walking there. Crazy shit!
  6. Holy shit I just got chills. I came here to say weed is weed like the first guy, but after reading about trainwreck, I remember that was the first shit I smoked and it felt like a dream and shit, laughed my ass off, etc. I need me some trainwreck again.

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