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What kind of weed did I just buy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DHG POLTERGEIST, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Hey guys it's my first time posting here so bare with me. Lol
    I bought an ounce from an old co-worker of mine today. I paid $120. I orginally only wanted a half ounce but once he said $65 I figured well fuck it, right? Instantly I knew I wasn't dealing with any kush, but this guy hasn't steered me wrong before so I trusted that what he'd get for me would be acceptable for the price.
    Anyways long story short, I closed the deal and now here I am. To describe it to you:
    1. It's moist but not too moist
    2. Has an earthy but not dirty aroma. The "weed" smell is present but not overwhelming like dank.
    3. Buds are a nice foresty green, and has orange hairs but lacks any crystals.
    4. Tastes earthylike but not dirty.(Similar to the smell) but sadly does not have the wonderful taste of some higher grades which is half the enjoyment in my opinion.
    5. Has SOME seeds, and nice thick stems, although they break too easily causing it a pain in the ass to break down the buds.
    6. I am able to catch keif, but it's not very pretty. Kind of a dull looking orange/green.
    I've posted a couple pictures here. Keep in mind my phone hasn't a great camera so it doesn't do its colors justice. (It's greener than it appears)
    Thanks in advance!


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  2. Looks alright to me, I don't know that its great quality but looks fair for the price if you indeed did get a whole ounce. I use to buy a half for $60 and it looked about like that and it got me high so I wasn't complaining. However, I doubt that either what you have or what I smoked was top grade weed.

    Smoke it and tell us the results,

  3. That looks like some mids around my parts, go from anywhere from 60-100 an oz. here's an example of some of my mids I get for 25 a 1/4
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1455914542.133250.jpg
  4. I'd say you got some fine Toledo Window Box there...
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    That's clearly some Sour Diesel x Blueberry Kush. I know the guy that grew that, he lives out in Southern California. Very hard to get that connection as he is pretty reclusive. Seriously great score there man!

  6. Mids

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  7. Who knows? You can't tell a weed by it's cover. Could be anything. Could be mids. Could be fire.Did you smoke it and find out?
  8. That's some bunk right there
  9. Where do you live? That looks like garbage... reminds me of the "Regis" in Arizona... Can get bud at the store here in WA. High quality, hot strains. $20 a gram usually. But good bud on the streets, is like $150 a zip.

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  10. It must be outdoor grown since its so dark. There are seeds, so quality goes way down because the plant spends its energy making seeds rather than cannabinoids. Its a shame because it looked like it had the potential to be some nice buds.
  11. Not great not terrible. If you got 28 then its not a bad deal for most places. Enjoy

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