What kind of watering system is this

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  1. Im having a hard time searching for this product. I may be taking a vacation and have to look into a way to auto water. I seen these in a tv show in the background.. Little blocks that wrap around the plant ... but I do not know the terminology to search for them.

    Thanks for the help

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  2. The little blocks are probably rockwool cubes. From the picture I think it's a flood and drain table.

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  3. Do you see those little things around the stem i of the plant? Kinda looks like a horse shoe that takes in water and then evenly spreads it. I just dont know the name of it to research it lol
  4. Looks like a drip system.. search for automatic watering system indoor weed there's tons of diy guides and obvioustly ones you can buy
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  5. Look up bluemats

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  6. The tubes in the back look like NFT. google nutrient film technique. very efficient and awesome looking but probably not the best setup for our purposes.

    the tubes could also just be tubes for moving water around. kinda looks like there are plants coming out of them but im not sure.

    in the front are rockwool cubes with drip irrigation covers attached.

    for watering while you're away, you can set up a small recirculating or DTW system on the cheap with some tubes, connectors and an aquarium pump..
  7. much thanks!
  8. I use a 5 gal bucket with an old Keurig coffee maker pump running off of 12v- controlled by a digital timer. Simple and effective, but you would have to make your water seperator to feed multiple plants (I have a modified qt coffee mug with tubes through the bottom with the fill side near the top).
    I would think you could use an aquarium pump instead of the keurig pump.
  9. Capture+_2018-09-27-21-16-57.png Capture+_2018-09-27-21-19-50.png
    This is mine- works, but you will have to figure your run time and water flow.
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  10. Oh, and I have an air stone in the bucket..don't know if it does any good to oxygenate the water, but I haven't had any issues with it, so I leave it.

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