what kind of water should I use??

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  1. Ive been thinking latley and I was wondering what type of water I should use to water my plants. Ive been using disani bottled water lately but I dont think thats the best for your plant, or is it ? what about distilled water...is it any good ? I live in the woods and I have well water with a reverse osmosis filter.
  2. As long as there's no chlorine or extreme heavy metals then most any water is fine. I use distilled or rain water I collect after storms. Lots of people use reverse osmosis, and lots just use tap water and let it sit at room temp for 24+ hours.

    Good luck with whatever you choose :wave:
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    I would think well water would be the best cause of no chlorine, but I am no expert and there are definitely other factors I have no idea about.

    I dont think this helps you, but its on topic and feel like sharing it. A couple days ago LD informed me that you can remove all the chlorine in your tap water simply by aerating it. An airstone can do this in merely hours. If you want the full scoop check out page 4 in LD's Indigenous Microorganisms thread.

    Sorry if this is common knowledge:eek:
  4. wait you have well water and a RO system?

    use your RO'd water. the amount of TDS in well water could really screw with your nutes. advanced-growing-techniques/-fertilizing-wisely.html

    ..not to mention the possibilities of heavy metals and other bad stuff. you dont drink your well water, i dont think your plants will want to either. :cool:
  5. You're golden! Use the RO water, can't do better than that.
  6. R/O is a waste of water only use if tap or well water are realy hard or poor quality. Creek, well, rain and evan pond water are by far the best for organics they are alive with beneficial bacteria. And most tap water is just fine! All you have to do is aerate tap water in buckets with air stones for a few hours to gas off the chlorine.;)
  7. I have a well, I drink my water, although I still water with rain water. That is what it would get if it were outside.
  8. I don't think so.

    Hydro is all about controlling everything that touches your plants. Good RO water will have 0ppm of unknowns dissolved in it. I wonder what's in the creek water? Bacteria? Pollutants? Fertilizer Runoff? Larva?
  9. ^^^^^ YOU KONW THIS IS THE ORGANIC FORUM RIGHT! Do your research bud. Some of the best growers on hear use creek water only! Unless your water source is extremely hard or poor r/o is a waste of one of earths most precious commodities WATER!:mad:
  10. Same here.................

    Though I do brew my aerated compost teas with rain water for a couple of reasons that aren't all that important.

  11. Dude I always put a 5 gallon bucket under my gutter when it storms, easy to collect huge amounts of rain water. Other than that I use water straight out the hose. And I always put my pot ashes on the plants. One of them's pretty awesome. Best of luck.:smoking:
  12. My well water is pretty hard, you know you can tell when it leaves stains on stuff like the sink and whatnot. Thats even after it goes thru the R/O filter. All of the houses water is run thru the r/o filter b4 it comes into the house. Ive been using it and the plants seem to be doing fine. I just leave it in a container with a open top for a day or two before I use it.

    where would I find instructions on how to make a compost tea or tea wutever its called?


    reverse osmosis filter - Created my the US govt. in the mid 1950's in order to have a pure water supply in case of contamination. - THIS WATER ONLY HAS THE H2O ATOMS IN IT. IT WILL ALSO TAKE OUT EVERY PHARMACEUTICAL IN THE WATER.
  14. Over the years I've grown a lot of very nice weed with my well water. No RO, it's hard, but it sure tastes good to me and plants thrive on it.
  15. anything really should be fine. however they say the best is distilled, otherwise you are adding additional chemicals that you don't know of. i use RO because it is very similar to distilled. when i run out of RO i just use regular city water until refill. it has chlorine but it's not going to harm your plants since it's chlorine lvl is so minuet. it's just not as good as others. rain water will even work but im personally sort of against it cause it's untreated and you never know whats in it. it's the least clean of all waters. at my house in the country area i use well water when i dont have RO. spring water also isnt bad because of the minerals and micro nutes. so really anything works. distilled is the best followed by RO. i just use RO cause it's much cheaper than distilled. i would go with your reverse osmosis well water.
  16. If you lived in rural areas, your rain water would be even better! The worst things in rain water are the toxins it collect in city air. But plants still grow in the city.

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