What kind of water do you use???

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  1. I avoid using tap water at all costs. My first grow I just bought distilled water but now on my second grow I have more plants and need more water. The money being spent on water is now slowly rising. I was going to bug a cheap brita filter but heard those were garbage.

    What do you guys recommend??
  2. myself i have always used tap water with no problems, like many others i just let it sit out for atleast 24 hours so the clorine & shit can evaporate away, then its fine to use
  3. If you prefer using distilled water, get it for free by just boiling your tap water.
    I still let it sit out for 24 hours after i boil it

  4. Boiling does not make it distilled. It just makes it sanitary. There are still the same minerals and heavy elements in the water that you started with. You would need to collect the steam from the boiling water to make distilled water.
  5. Distilled water is clean, but doesn't contain any trace minerals or elements that tap or well water does. Unless your water supply is really shitty, it should work fine. Let it sit out for 24 hours like the others suggest. No real need for "expensive" water.
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    PHd / neutralized tap water (with solubles ) is what my plants eat. If it has been raining I use rain water with the appropriate PH and additives.
  7. I grow in DWC and I let my tap water sit for a few days before I change the tank.
  8. Unless your tap water is totally crap, you should be fine with filtered tap water.
  9. Thanx for all the responses
  10. Tap water, straight from the tap.
    If you can drink the tap water, then plants will certainly grow from it, tap water also contains beneficial minerals, which you will have to replace if your nutrients are not designed for RO water.
  11. Rain water! I collect it in 5gal buckets... I swear it's the best. OTW, tap water, left to sit for a day or two...unless I forget. But 90% of the time, rain water.

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