What kind of watch is this?

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  1. Okay so i got this watch in the pic below.


    and i was googling what it looked like cause there is only a name on the front, but its in cursive.

    i found this link :

    BUT on that is says like "super five" and isn't in cursive AND don't have the same outline around where it shows the time. i have went threw hundreds of Google pages and cant find anything

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  2. and it doesnt say u boat or anything like that
  3. Give us better zone, you can find manucrafter by styles of letters, clocks.
  4. all it says is cursive on the front ill get a better pic but i cant find ANY other one like it how its made one sec
  5. Here its shinny as fuck so its hard to take a picture.

  6. anyone? cause it must be worth some kind of money why would someone make a replica of a cheap watch?
  7. trip....falll.......bump...
  8. Can't read cursive? Cause that'd probably help..
  9. bro it dont even look like cursive its wierd... i can read my cursive and my parents and everything but i cant find this exact watch ANYWHERE only replicas
  10. Umm, then what do you think it says? Cause I don't think anyone can tell from the picture..
  11. lol the letters are... fucking looks like a dam doctor wrote this shit. thats why i am asking.
  12. _ h u _ _ _. That's what I got, and that's probably the most help anyone can give without a clearer picture.. or an education.. :devious:
  13. lol i am not dumb, and its shinny as fuck. i am not going to get a clear picture
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    edit: if you can only find knock offs and not that exact one have you ever considered that yours is a knock off?
  15. Dude, it's a Rolex.

    You just gained +5000 $$$$
  16. the one that tells time.
  17. your fucking with me i wish, hahahaha
  18. [quote name='"grizzlybearman"']Dude, it's a Rolex.

    You just gained +5000 $$$$[/quote]

    Your an idiot that's a Rolex platinum Gucci Louis vuitton prada armani series that watch is easily worth 50 million dollars
  19. I don't know what brand it is but band looks cheap,go to a jewler or pawn shop.
  20. Those watches are fashion watches (mostly cheap ones), probably under 10 bucks :)

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