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What kind of vape pen should I get?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by coloreefer, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. I'm looking to get a pen for bho/wax but I also really want to quit smoking cigarettes. Does anyone have any suggestions for a pen setup that would be good for bho that I could also use as an ecig with a different cartomizer? So far I've been looking at the 710 pen as my best option
  2. Already asked this and didn't get a good reply... Through my own research man the omicron v2 that you can load straight oil and not mix with anything is a good choice

    More on the pricey side but reviews state its worth it

  3. The v2 looks good for wax but i dont know how it would function as an ecig
  4. Im so sorry hahahah Im way to high i somehow misread the post. The ecig thing changes everything. My.apologies

  5. haha its all good. happens to all of us
  6. I'm curious to

  7. In for replies as well. My local dispensary keeps talking up the REMPEN. Never really dabbled with vapes at all so I am super-noob here. Enlighten us someone.
  8. I just ordered an ego c twist battery that has 510 fem thread, I also bought an omicron cart with a thread to fit so I can smoke BHO

    With the battery being 510 thread you can easily switch the cart out for an e-cig cart

    Also the setup would be really cheap probably around 100 for battery, charger, cart, adapter, ecig cart
  9. I've got an Omicron v2.5. It works well. No issues so far (it's seen about 2 months of sporadic use).
  10. How many carts have you gone through in the 2 months of use? And how havy of use?
  11. I've only passed about 1.5g (Sour D) through one cart. I've had the Omicron for about 2 months. I'm a Can newb (35yr old 1st timer) and am still figuring out my dosage and dealing with paranoia.
  12. Ruvaped.com
  13. I have the ruvaped, not that good. Wick tastes weird...

    I suggest the cloud .
  14. not sure how well BHO works in an ecig but BadKitty covered a lot of this stuff here.


    If you're looking for an ecig at all, eGo-T MEGA is absolutely fucking huge (six or so inches long, like a big metal cigar) but it lasts all day and the tank carts are so easy to fill. Not sure how well BHO works, though. It might be different from Kitty's hash tincture effects.
  15. I use an ego twist battery for bho and as an e cig. I got a bridgless atomizer and used tweezers to gently pull out the wick. Drop some bho in there and your good to go. And when you want to use it as an ecig just twist off the atomizer and put a tank on there. The battery brand doesn't matter as long as its a 510 thread and at least 650 mah.

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