what kind of towns do you reside in

Discussion in 'General' started by d2000, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. what kinds of towns do you people live in? big, small, medium, rich, poor?
  2. I live in a big ass town in the desert in a nice area surrounded by ghetto ass everything

    its crazy, right behind this huge 30 screen movie theater is another huge ass 30 screen movie theater

    but at least the beach is and hour away and so is snowboarding

    posting this makes me so goddamn paranoid

    i keep thinking they will eventually pinpoint my exact location and take my weed and make me go to jail

    fuck i don't even have any right now cause i stopped smoking for fuckin finals

    i like it here though i can go surfing like every weekend and a lot of my friends go to schools kind of all around the area
  3. dude,

    nice picture under your name i love driving more than 100 mph it is the shit

    i just wish i could go faster and faster

    ...and faster
  4. lol yea its fun, i wish i had a better car so i could go faster. 105 is about where i top out with my mirage, anythin above just feels dangerous.
  5. holy shit!

    that is the fastest response to a post ever!

    i usually just check back everyother day

    hey whats your town since you started the thread
  6. lol i guess i dissapointed with the time on this one then lol. i live in an all white middle class town, right next to me is a big ghetto town (paterson) and then to the other side is a rich white town (ridgewood). its all like built up around where i live, town next to town to town.

  7. wouldn't need your town or anything you say...all the information requierd is in your computer.... your ip as well, so it doesn't really matter...enjoy....

    i'd home authorities have better things to do then bust up some peaceful people simpley talking about marijuana.
  8. the first place i lived in was a city. the place was a shithole...matter of fact a drug dealer lived right down the street from me. not a nice one either.. then i moved to the neighboring town. was really nice there. all woodsy and shit, one of those places where everyone knows everyone. and finally i moved to anther town that was like a cross between the two..kinda boring but its ok.

  9. niiiiiice, thanks for ruinin MY buzz :D.......although i did know that.

    really,really small town
  10. i live in a rich upperclass white town, i KNOW for a fact there are LESS than 15 black people here, and being that we have a population of 25000 people, thats kinda of wierd...

    but then being in a small suburb of vancouver, what do you expect, this is SUBURBIA at its maxiumum. we have no recreation for anyone over 9 or under 60, except for a few pubs. there is no movie theater. 2 starbucks (thank god!! hahaha, yea right) and a few lame boutiques that i cant for the life of me figure how they stay in business... always empty??

    mcdonalds is the only fast food. except for subway or tim hortons.. but they arent in the same class. very boring town. guess thats why we have so much CHRON EVERYWHERE!!

    NO METH, NO CRACK, NO COKE, rarely shrooms, no acid, no ecstacy. JUST WEED. seems odd... but thats how it is. high school of about 2000 keeps plenty of pot in this town ;) hahah.

    i live in a town purely for chronic. ill bet over 50% of the population over 12 blazes regularily.
  11. Im from a pretty small ass town. But the area I live in is a huge tourist area that attracts thousands of people every damn summer. Its a real pain in the ass. Theres a lot of wealth in my town but also a lot of poor. The spread of wealth in the area is really disproportional. Really not cool.
    Now I go to school in a large urban area. its like any other urban area. big and busy.
  12. i live in a small country community filled with farms and fields,i live close to a lake thats the only plus, the town over is deadbeats nothing but people on welfare and all they do is shoot up on oc's,overall with the other towns this county aint to bad
  13. i wish i lived in a more country town where i could go outside somewhere to like a creek and smoke or somethin while watching wild boars roam. the hustle and bustle of this built up area gets tiring.
  14. I live in a medium sized town with mostly rich people, and spoiled college kids. It's Iowa, so you still have cornfields, pickups, and hicks, but even they're rich.
  15. i'ved lived on an island of 1400

    i've lived in a small town of 150 that was on the oppisite side of the mountain from everything. and had the bay of fundy on the other

    i've lived on the churchill river on a reserve of 2000 that was an hr (on dirt) from the nearest town and 5 from the nearest mall or theater

    right now i live on the georgian bay of lake huron in a town of 10 000 (or more) lots of young and old, and theres nothing to do if you're in between.
  16. i live in a town thats about to die... we have a papermill that employes almost half the town... but they were bought out by the big finland company Stora Enso which is steadily laying off all its employees, will probably close by 2005-06, which kinda sucks, but I wasn't planning on staying here anyway... o and about 32,000 ppl

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